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Josephine (Banig) Roberto

Banig      As many watched her blossom from a little child wonder to a woman of a total performer caliber, it is certain that Banig has what it takes to succeed in the very competitive world of  the music business.  Many performers  have tried,  but most failed. Though it ain't easy, Banig has certainly gone a long way.  Filipinos take pride.  They rejoice that someone with such talent could represtent the country with honor and respect. But Banig, a true performer belongs to everyone for she is a world class entertainer!

Banig & Duran Duran       Her first television appearance was at age 7 when she joined a singing competition  where she became the champion for 7 consecutive weeks.  By the age of nine, she was already a dominant presence n the Philippine concert scene.  She then reached a bigger acclaim when she joined the International Star Search competition at the age of 10.  Banig, representing the Philippines became the first and only Filipino champion and with that, the young performer who strutted her world class talent on stage back home had now caught the attention of the U.S. scene.

Josephine the Woman       Since then, Banig has appeared in numerous television shows such as the Arsenio Hall Show, Into The Night With Rick Dees, Maury Povich Show, Super Dave Osborne Show, Good Day LA, AM Los Angeles, and more. She even sang the Star Spangled Banner for the Clippers vs the Kings and USC vs Nebraska.

       In 1994, Banig released her first U.S. CD entitled "Can You Feel My Heart? " . She also received an overwhelming reponse from students of different races when she had a school tour to promote her CD.

     She has come a long way in the entertainment business.  Throughout her years in showbizness, Banig has developed to be a Click Here greater entertainer, and now she is also ready to embark on greater heights in the music world...   songwriting.   She hopes that one day, her music idols will make her compositions known all over the world.  Banig collaborates with her younger sister Jhoanna , who is the producer of her next CD.

     Her highly anticipated concert was held recently at the prestigious Alex Theater in Glendale CA on Saturday night May 12, 2001.   This concert featured Banig's "coming of age" in the new millenium.  It featured Banig, not as the little bundle of energy we all know her of, but Banig , a woman of total perfomer caliber who once again proved to be one of the Phillipines' greatest pride.  She performed a few cuts from her upcoming CD, and also her old songs. .. and of course the cover songs that we all like to hear.   But this show definitely guaranteed a bigger production, greater expectations, and better Banig.

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