FrEaKy SaYiNgS

aight so listen, when i talk to my boys they always come back
and say something sexual to finally i caught some
of y'all online =) have fun reading them

ps it turned from freaky to cute to freaky again...mix of both =)

PlatinumRulz2K: have fun gettin wet
BaByGrLsTiNa: u wish u were here to see it
PlatinumRulz2K: lol... i think as much as i am tempting
PlatinumRulz2K: hey baby u kno i suck u goood! lol j/k

Da14u2nVee: ur sexually deprived...thats y u say these things 2 me
Da14u2nVee: where did your freaky side hide???

PlatinumRulz2K: yup... hey! dont make me spank u.
BaByGrLsTiNa: u wish u could
PlatinumRulz2K: i do

ToMXxCrOw: i'll take care of her dont worry
ToMXxCrOw: i rather pinky swear
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha oki
ToMXxCrOw: cuz then at least i can be close to u
and u can see in my eyes that u can always count on me =)

PlatinumRulz2K: wow u almost sound horny wen u say that

ToMXxCrOw: tell me who u want and i'll bring them we can all hang out
ToMXxCrOw: get drunk
BaByGrLsTiNa: hmm i want men but theres none livin around here
ToMXxCrOw: or naked
ToMXxCrOw: or something

ToMXxCrOw: im sure u cant find any men u want hun

ToMXxCrOw: of course im always here for u

ToMXxCrOw: i know wen im in the presence of someone special
ToMXxCrOw: make it so that wen i leave ur all i think about and there'll be no way i forget
ToMXxCrOw: or u can just remind me wen i get back
ToMXxCrOw: whichever u prefer

PlatinumRulz2K: prrr u havent called me that in such a long time

ToMXxCrOw: thats only cuz ur being greedy
ToMXxCrOw: annd keeping urself to urself

ToMXxCrOw: i like urself too

PlatinumRulz2K: hey there beautiful

PlatinumRulz2K: i think everything with u involves being wet

PlatinumRulz2K: well u can always ride o top of hb's car while it's motor is running...
u get a heck of a rush from that. i've seen ladies do it

PlatinumRulz2K: nah u dont scare me... u jus turn me on... only to shut me off by sayin no

ToMXxCrOw: aww i thought u had something better for me to do =)

ToMXxCrOw: nite sexy

ToMXxCrOw: bye beautiful

PlatinumRulz2K: hey cutie

PlatinumRulz2K: kitty wants a spankin dont she?

BaByGrLsTiNa: we shoulda gotten together and had rough sex all nite long
PlatinumRulz2K: see.. that's the best i dea i gotten so far

ToMXxCrOw: i dont think u should worry bout it too much
ToMXxCrOw: i think we should just have sex
ToMXxCrOw: like
ToMXxCrOw: lots of it
BaByGrLsTiNa: im not, but its just the thought of it
ToMXxCrOw: and we'll forget all about it

ToMXxCrOw: does it make u wanna do it with me?

ToMXxCrOw: im fuckin with u baby
BaByGrLsTiNa: yea yea u wish u wasd
ToMXxCrOw: i just want u to show me how good u really are
ToMXxCrOw: now ur talkin =)

ToMXxCrOw: we dont need it tho we got each other
ToMXxCrOw: better than any toy

ToMXxCrOw: not too much i try ti entertain myself wen ur not around

ToMXxCrOw: i even stop wen u tell me to

Hopeless Blunts: i said i wanna come with you lol
Hopeless Blunts: never will i do something like that
Hopeless Blunts: stop~!!!!!!!!!!!! lol hey you know you want me
BaByGrLsTiNa: hey u know u want meee
Hopeless Blunts: that too but we gonna save that for one day!

BaByGrLsTiNa: wanna come over and make some snow angels wit me if it snows?
BaByGrLsTiNa: hehe
ToMXxCrOw: id love to
ToMXxCrOw: wat if it doesnt, can i come be with u anyway

ToMXxCrOw: ok work it baby keep going
ToMXxCrOw: i dont wanna tease myself thinkin of somethin lol
ToMXxCrOw: especially wit a girl who would never even kiss me

ToMXxCrOw: i remember everything u tell me =)

ToMXxCrOw: ready to make snowangels?
ToMXxCrOw: can i exchange my point for a kiss or something lol

ToMXxCrOw: haha i just wanted a kiss now we're gonna have rough sex?

PlatinumRulz2K: yes, i deserve to be spanked for that

PlatinumRulz2K: cream...oh is that wut u call it now? me n tom call it doin the hibbity dibbity

DQUEST 12: yea right..u girls are just horny as hell



QnS pLaYeTTe: whatchu want? beers, liquor, me?
QnS pLaYeTTe: hehe

PlatinumRulz2K: g'nite sexy ass

PlatinumRulz2K: lol yeah.. like hey with your hair straighten out,
makes it easier to reach wen we do it and i'm hittin u from the back

OoSexyTaty1oO: mannnnn i wannntt sex
OoSexyTaty1oO: like soo bad
OoSexyTaty1oO: i havent had in in 2 weeks
OoSexyTaty1oO: lol

PlatinumRulz2K: aww dont say that... u dont need them if their taste are below you

PlatinumRulz2K: monkey see, monkey do, see man screw, monkey screw too

Hopeless Blunts: whatcha wearing?

PlatinumRulz2K: lol oh is that wut u call it now a days, i used to call it poontang pie
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
PlatinumRulz2K: but woo pie hmmm nice n catchy

PlatinumRulz2K: hey cutie pie

realnm95: well the thing with honda boy...u should have offered to warm up his car
without using the engine... =)

BaByGrLsTiNa: nuttin much, just finished watchin some tv
Hopeless Blunts: aww
Hopeless Blunts: finished thinking of me huh

PlatinumRulz2K: u should jus rape those guys lol
PlatinumRulz2K: nothin says luvin like a rape on a saturday night

PlatinumRulz2K: resolutions r dumb jus do wut u gotta do to get anything u want

A3X2G6Q: stina baby
BaByGrLsTiNa: miss me?
A3X2G6Q: lol of course sexy mama

ToMXxCrOw: so y havent we gotten together yet
BaByGrLsTiNa: ohhh that question...
BaByGrLsTiNa: hmm i thought u and james were thinkin bout gettin together
BaByGrLsTiNa: ;-)
ToMXxCrOw: whats that got to do with us lol

ToMXxCrOw: hey beautiful

Hopeless Blunts: u a hottie hun

BaByGrLsTiNa: i've been sittin here thinkin bout you of course
Hopeless Blunts: so for real whatcha been up to?
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha
BaByGrLsTiNa: dont believe me?
Hopeless Blunts: i always believe ya
BaByGrLsTiNa: so lets see
Hopeless Blunts: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: i woke up...havin keith on my mind
BaByGrLsTiNa: i changed as i thought of keith
BaByGrLsTiNa: i took a shower....u get the point dontcha
Hopeless Blunts: nah see thats where i dont believe ya
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
Hopeless Blunts: lol'
Hopeless Blunts: wish you did that though..
BaByGrLsTiNa: =)
Hopeless Blunts: if you dont know by now i love shit like that lol
Hopeless Blunts: <~! bad ass

BaByGrLsTiNa: dont u like cute asses?
Hopeless Blunts: love em

Hopeless Blunts: so you still single or what?
BaByGrLsTiNa: of course im single =)~
Hopeless Blunts: you waiting for me or what?
BaByGrLsTiNa: alwyas ready and willing

BaByGrLsTiNa: listen im pooped, ive been thinkin bout u too much
BaByGrLsTiNa: im gonna go to sleep so i can wake up thinkin bout u all refreshed =)
Hopeless Blunts: awwwww go to sleep think about me though
Hopeless Blunts: lol
Hopeless Blunts: kiss
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha u betcha cute ass i will

PlatinumRulz2K: 555-5555.... and my parents r'nt here ;-)


PlatinumRulz2K: people r fickle
BaByGrLsTiNa: well as long as theyre not short as a pickle :-D
PlatinumRulz2K: lol
PlatinumRulz2K: cute

BaByGrLsTiNa: bye sexy piece of ass
PlatinumRulz2K: bye hot tits

Hopeless Blunts: whats up come through over here to my college lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol which college is that?
Hopeless Blunts: fuck about university

BaByGrLsTiNa: ill be sure to bring taty
Nattto80: ;-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: and then u get me a fine piece of grade a meat
BaByGrLsTiNa: woo hoo
Nattto80: nice..3someO:-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: dont u wish
BaByGrLsTiNa: and its not like you never had it lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: i bet u had it a couple of times huh
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha so i gueessed right woo hoo
Nattto80: why would u think that??
BaByGrLsTiNa: i knew it, u looked like the type
Nattto80: what type is that???
BaByGrLsTiNa: i dunno u look like the guy who needs more than one woman can satisfy
Nattto80: hehe yeaaaaaaaaaa..that is nice
Nattto80: ill have to put that on my quote board

Cowboy9810: well, you have to make the first move then
BaByGrLsTiNa: i tried!
Cowboy9810: try tackeling him..:-)~
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha i would if we werent in a public place all the time
BaByGrLsTiNa: hehe
Cowboy9810: nice!!!

BaByGrLsTiNa: alrite there ms "i wanna see you naked" katie

BaByGrLsTiNa: hey sexy piece of asss hunk you
PlatinumRulz2K: hi.... sexy piece of hot t&a lady u

BaByGrLsTiNa: la la la cant get u outta my head
PlatinumRulz2K: yeah cuz u just want me in u
PlatinumRulz2K: lol

BaByGrLsTiNa: u tryin to woo me and katie @ the same time tisk tisk
PlatinumRulz2K: am i succeeding
BaByGrLsTiNa: nope
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
PlatinumRulz2K: dang! jus wen i tohught i was

PlatinumRulz2K: ----------: we picked up so many guys was very successful
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha yea
BaByGrLsTiNa: i didnt wanna say anything
PlatinumRulz2K: look at u... not telling ya man (me) lol j/k

PlatinumRulz2K: u katie n me should get a private room, me n katie r havin sooo much fun ;-)

PlatinumRulz2K: hey i cant help it the twins wit my twig n giggleberries

PlatinumRulz2K: i kno a certain baby girl gets moist jus hearing me over the phone.. that's why u called today right

PlatinumRulz2K: well how bout we make a settlement
BaByGrLsTiNa: how bout we get the boys in sweats + the acura boys and we'll see what kinda moves they have woo hoo
PlatinumRulz2K: u 2 can have me and we can jus do it a few times to settle u 2 down

PlatinumRulz2K: nah ----- is a nutgagger... get sum real men
BaByGrLsTiNa: i wish there were real men
PlatinumRulz2K: and there r real men... it's that ya'll dont see it's me! lol

PlatinumRulz2K: oh n jus to tell u 2, jus so u can have those wet dreams u always do, i got a haircut n i shaved my goatee off

BaByGrLsTiNa: katies busy wit her booty calls
Bufficakes: u kno it
Bufficakes: this guy really wants to
Bufficakes: lol

PlatinumRulz2K: i havent said a tihng in like 2 minutes... i must be spent from all that phone me n katie jus had
PlatinumRulz2K: u wanna give it a try, christina
PlatinumRulz2K: yeah, i didnt even reach orgasm and she jus popped like a shaken coke can

Bufficakes: tell him i personally said that i hope he gets fucked in the ass by his gay marine friends
Bufficakes: lamolmalmao
PlatinumRulz2K: ewww katie... wut kinda message is that....
Bufficakes: a hate one!
PlatinumRulz2K: wut if he's gay he might enjoy that
BaByGrLsTiNa: hahahahaha
Bufficakes: nah hes not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bufficakes: well mabye he isnot that i tihk abuot it
PlatinumRulz2K: u gotta give him sumthing that will fear him... like tell him that i hope his dick gets caught in sum guy's throat and get's stuck there and the guy has to bite it off
PlatinumRulz2K: shit like that is scary

PlatinumRulz2K: lol no u're twin gave me a smile wen she saw was one of those smiles u give wen u see -----... that" i want u badly smile:"

PlatinumRulz2K: hey there r many things u can do alone in an hour

BaByGrLsTiNa: lol what good are you
PlatinumRulz2K: oh i'm good for many tihngs
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol yea yea

Hopeless Blunts: aww babe,can i come there and cuddle with ya

A3X2G6Q: stina baby
A3X2G6Q: what the dilly sweet cakes

A3X2G6Q: so well make v day the first day i get back for vaca
A3X2G6Q: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: ooooh im gonna get lucky!? woo hoo
A3X2G6Q: no ill be the one getting lucky
A3X2G6Q: lol

Crwnjlz: stina...youre too funny!

Fyah1120: damn then u wont see me at all
Fyah1120: that is difficult for me
Fyah1120: i gotta see my lil italian princess
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol i know u cant live without me

Crwnjlz: heyyyy sweet thang

JLyNN608: hes so yummy
BaByGrLsTiNa: so go taste him

A3X2G6Q: hey stina baby

A3X2G6Q: im sorry sweet cakes

A3X2G6Q: I miss Babygrlstina's cute little ass

PlatinumRulz2K: yeah of course i always miss your sweet ass

PlatinumRulz2K: aww thanx for the valentine, sweet ass. how was class

PlatinumRulz2K: gagaga?
PlatinumRulz2K: u really wanna be gagged huh

PlatinumRulz2K: i'm feeling really bored.... come pleasure me :-P

A3X2G6Q: hey stina baby

A3X2G6Q: oooooooo kinky
A3X2G6Q: lol ur so bad
BaByGrLsTiNa: oh yea baby
BaByGrLsTiNa: u wish u could see how bad i can be hahaha
A3X2G6Q: lol o i am aware how bad u can be

A3X2G6Q: of course i wanna c u babe
A3X2G6Q: and ur handcuffs

BaByGrLsTiNa: hey hot stuff
PlatinumRulz2K: hey sweet ass

BaByGrLsTiNa: who is this
HardWare82: its a guy that u let get away

BaByGrLsTiNa: dont think of me too much jk
Devil for Hire: haha ill try not to
Devil for Hire: its hard but i'll try

A3X2G6Q: no that would have been awesome
A3X2G6Q: lol yeah
A3X2G6Q: and if u came lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: oooooh ;-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: i wouldnt wanna share though
A3X2G6Q: lol u wouldnt have to
BaByGrLsTiNa: what about taty lol
A3X2G6Q: ill give her to one of the guys here lol

PlatinumRulz2K: a few days after ovulation (a female) estradiol levels increase,
upping her sex drive, and she releases pheromones,
giving off a subtle musk that tells men she's ready to bump uglies.

Crwnjlz: you think im an italian princess w/ a cute booty
Crwnjlz: youre the best ;-)

BaByGrLsTiNa: just wanted to send you a quick note tellin u that in a
lil while im gonna go out and wash the car only in a bathin suit ;-)
PlatinumRulz2K: nice, but arent u gonna freeze cuz it's cold out
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha nah
PlatinumRulz2K: risky, but kinky
BaByGrLsTiNa: hahaha

Bufficakes: omh i had another dream with him ini t!
Bufficakes: im sooo sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BaByGrLsTiNa: ewww it was kinky???
Bufficakes: i cant help it!
BaByGrLsTiNa: of course kink
Bufficakes: hey id trade in my dreams with ----- for dreams with nicky

A3X2G6Q: so whats new sweetcakes

QuietJudgement: hey dudette

QuietJudgement: im silly delicious
BaByGrLsTiNa: hmm delicious?
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
QuietJudgement: its ffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan - tastic!

A3X2G6Q: stina baby

BaByGrLsTiNa: yea lets hang out all of us
A3X2G6Q: not just u and me by ourselves?
A3X2G6Q: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: =) we can get together u and me ;-)
A3X2G6Q: k coool deal

NYqueen320: i feeel u me neither i tell them my shit is platinum

BaByGrLsTiNa: wanna hang out wit frank and the gang this weekend?
QuietJudgement: yea
QuietJudgement: thats the plan man
BaByGrLsTiNa: oooh u already got a plan?
BaByGrLsTiNa: takin frank for urself and not sharing
QuietJudgement: as frank would say - thaaaaaaaaats rite!
BaByGrLsTiNa: hehe i shoulda figured tisk tisk, all the good men are taken

Hopeless Blunts: good morning my love

NyC TiCaL: Hi love

BaByGrLsTiNa: hey jerky
PlatinumRulz2K: hey elmo

BaByGrLsTiNa: why feel like stalking?
Bufficakes: nooooooooo
Bufficakes: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: oh darnit
Bufficakes: yeah im not up to urlevel yet!
BaByGrLsTiNa: hahaha
Bufficakes: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: NO!!! im not @ that level
BaByGrLsTiNa: at all
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: me? never
Bufficakes: ur passed it!
Bufficakes: lololol
Bufficakes: now u stlked for me AND you
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: hahaha i just notice things
Bufficakes: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: and analyze em til i see what i want
Bufficakes: notice....thas good!
Bufficakes: analyze??????? lmao
BaByGrLsTiNa: its what i call it
BaByGrLsTiNa: yea its bad
Bufficakes: noticin and analyzing....christina's mode of communication
BaByGrLsTiNa: hehe
BaByGrLsTiNa: no touchin and feelin is my communication :-D
Bufficakes: lolol

PlatinumRulz2K: who wouldnt like katie, she's cute katie ka-boom

Hopeless Blunts: hey ladies.guys are like snow storms,you never know when there gonna come,how many inches your get,or how long it will last.

NyC TiCaL: baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby booooooooooooo
NyC TiCaL: I'll see you manana!!!.Tell Kaity to bring the hand cuffs!

Bufficakes: i luv nickys hair!
Bufficakes: i luv nicky face i luv his bod
Bufficakes: lmao

NyC TiCaL: I love youuuuuuuuuu
Auto response from BaByGrLsTiNa:
NyC TiCaL wishes he could treat me like the devil tonite ;-) haha luv you boys
NyC TiCaL: I do wish...I DOOOOOOOOOO
NyC TiCaL: yummy
NyC TiCaL: excited.Talk to you later
NyC TiCaL: Tell Kaity Handcuffs

LiL PrincessBeck: hey mama

PlatinumRulz2K: r u gona b in skool at all tomorrow? please say yes... i miss u too much

Rambo1783: thanx ma

PlatinumRulz2K: it's ok pookie

PlatinumRulz2K: he's a pothead, sweetie! pothead barely
remember to put on their pants wen they go out

Rambo1783: u not getting sad are ya
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha nah
BaByGrLsTiNa: i still got you dont i?
Rambo1783: umm..i think so
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: dork
Rambo1783: i thought i was diana'
BaByGrLsTiNa: yea thats f*ckeddd up lol
Rambo1783: hahahahaha
BaByGrLsTiNa: you were my back up!? if we're not married by 40 baby your mine
Rambo1783: haha..seriously?
BaByGrLsTiNa: want too?
Rambo1783: sure
BaByGrLsTiNa: we gotta cut our hands, and use the blood to make a pact lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: then its a deal
Rambo1783: hell no
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
Rambo1783: nah but i would do it though
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha you would?
Rambo1783: yea
BaByGrLsTiNa: :-D
BaByGrLsTiNa: woo hoo i got me a man
Rambo1783: :o)

BaByGrLsTiNa: u need a lil italian in your life
BaByGrLsTiNa: =)
Rambo1783: yea i do
Rambo1783: hopefully i'll have some

BaByGrLsTiNa: i know you were dreaming about me,
just admit it, you were tryin to vision me in nothing but a lil tiny iddy bitty.....
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
Rambo1783: hahaha
BaByGrLsTiNa: admit it its true
Rambo1783: maybe the other night..

BaByGrLsTiNa: u suck
Rambo1783: sometimes
BaByGrLsTiNa: hopefully
BaByGrLsTiNa: ;-)
Rambo1783: :o)

BaByGrLsTiNa: too many boys
BaByGrLsTiNa: so lil time rite katie
Bufficakes: lol

Rambo1783: hostile..and feisty..i like that

sO sO seXxXi: hey stina

PlatinumRulz2K: yes i am sexy
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: you are sexy?
PlatinumRulz2K: no i meant yes i'm back, and that u r sexy
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha liar
PlatinumRulz2K: lol i swear
BaByGrLsTiNa: then how come i cant have --- or hb?
BaByGrLsTiNa: im not askin for much
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
PlatinumRulz2K: lol... cuz they blind bastards that dont know any better
BaByGrLsTiNa: yea whatever
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
PlatinumRulz2K: ok fine i'm here trying to make u feel all good n luvly
but u choose not believe me... alright i guess i'll have to quit and jus make people miserable
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: it wont work
BaByGrLsTiNa: cos i know i aint
PlatinumRulz2K: well not with that attitude
PlatinumRulz2K: lol

BaByGrLsTiNa: lol katie was making fun of him yesterday bc he
was wearing a turtleneck when it was so nice out
BaByGrLsTiNa: i dont care, he could wear the turtleneck and then ill take it
off him when i get the chance
BaByGrLsTiNa: =)
PlatinumRulz2K: oh yeah and then it'll really be nice n hot for the both of ya
BaByGrLsTiNa: oh yea
BaByGrLsTiNa: hopefully he's got some meet on him
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: hopefully
PlatinumRulz2K: lol
PlatinumRulz2K: everyone knows christina loves her meat
BaByGrLsTiNa: oh yea
BaByGrLsTiNa: i gotta get me some irish in me, lol i think he's irish
PlatinumRulz2K: u want a naturally born drunk in u?
PlatinumRulz2K: isnt that a lil below your level
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha it is st pattys day soon
BaByGrLsTiNa: so might as well be drunk in some way
PlatinumRulz2K: ehh true.. but u can always be drunk wit good ol mr jim beam
BaByGrLsTiNa: nah i rather have him

BaByGrLsTiNa: i just wanna get him
PlatinumRulz2K: heh and to think girls think MEN r bad...
BaByGrLsTiNa: well they are
PlatinumRulz2K: well there r different species of men
BaByGrLsTiNa: well what kind of species are you
PlatinumRulz2K: i'm in the category of " nice guys finish last" while
u're hunting the ever popular"meaty men"
BaByGrLsTiNa: hmmm
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
PlatinumRulz2K: exactly
PlatinumRulz2K: lol
PlatinumRulz2K: the reason why i'm in my category is cuz i aint
exactly no ben affleck or sum schmuck
BaByGrLsTiNa: ooooh ben affleck is hooooottttttie
BaByGrLsTiNa: woooo hoo
BaByGrLsTiNa: he can make me go choo choo
PlatinumRulz2K: choo choo?!
PlatinumRulz2K: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: oh yea

QuietJudgement: i get more bj's than famous dj's?

Lickquid 127: hey what's up babe

BaByGrLsTiNa: i know i need some fun in my life
BaByGrLsTiNa: ;-)
St Scuba 74: ha, fun is everything
BaByGrLsTiNa: exactly
St Scuba 74: but what, prey tell do you mean by fun?
BaByGrLsTiNa: :-Dthats my lil secret

Lickquid 127: what you doing
BaByGrLsTiNa: nuttin walkin around in nothing but a thong lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: jp
Lickquid 127: lol
Lickquid 127: only in my dreams

NycBaller20: u suck to the highest
BaByGrLsTiNa: dont u know it

BaByGrLsTiNa: hey happy bday
RaVeRFiGuRe8: thanks babe
BaByGrLsTiNa: =)
RaVeRFiGuRe8: so wheres my present
BaByGrLsTiNa: hehe i could give you a present but im not sure you would like it
BaByGrLsTiNa: ;-)
RaVeRFiGuRe8: why what is it? 8-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha
BaByGrLsTiNa: a bday present
RaVeRFiGuRe8: haha
BaByGrLsTiNa: :-D
RaVeRFiGuRe8: hook a brotha up
RaVeRFiGuRe8: 8-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: cute very cute

BaByGrLsTiNa: which is ur favorite fantasy?
Auto response from St Scuba 74: make me your fantasy
St Scuba 74: you are

PlatinumRulz2K: listen babe... NAD I'M SEROUS WEN I SAY THIS u're beautiful in every single way. if no good guy can see that... like joe or whoever.. then fuck them n just live life

QnZLiLbiSh: a scarf u fuk
QnZLiLbiSh: o god

St Scuba 74: night sexy

Auto response from BaByGrLsTiNa: you know you miss this cute ass when its gone ;-)
Cuteyx143: ull kill me
Cuteyx143: oh yes i miss it soooo much
Cuteyx143: im crying
Cuteyx143: :'(

BaByGrLsTiNa: ur gonna miss me
Cuteyx143: i miss u now!!

ToMXxCrOw: u shouldve come play with us
BaByGrLsTiNa: hahah nah ur thinkin of other fun
ToMXxCrOw: no im not
ToMXxCrOw: u think so kinky
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha
ToMXxCrOw: wish u acted that kinky
BaByGrLsTiNa: sometimes i do
BaByGrLsTiNa: gotta catch me on a good day
ToMXxCrOw: i'll just offer my services every day and u tell me wen its a good day
BaByGrLsTiNa: ok u do that

BaByGrLsTiNa: ii wouldnt want to distract u
BaByGrLsTiNa: like i always do
ERS082881: u dont
ERS082881: oh wait..actually u ;-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: took u a lil while to get it huh?
ERS082881: shut

A3X2G6Q: i just put u aside and save the best for last ;-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: cos u know i'd ROCK ur world frank
A3X2G6Q: lol o i do know
A3X2G6Q: and i have to see if i can handle that ;-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha yesh we shall see frank
A3X2G6Q: it might be too much for me ;
A3X2G6Q: lol

COMMONCENTS2G: whats up cstina??

Devil for Hire: DFP was off the fuckin hooker

ToMXxCrOw: would u like to come babysit me?
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha sure baby
ToMXxCrOw: do i have to pay u?
BaByGrLsTiNa: i'll think bout it
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
ToMXxCrOw: well wen r u comin
ToMXxCrOw: i need u tonite

A3X2G6Q: did u let him down?
BaByGrLsTiNa: yea
A3X2G6Q: good good
A3X2G6Q: i hope he took it well
BaByGrLsTiNa: yea me too
A3X2G6Q: even though ur a pretty hard one to get over ;-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: auhhhhhh thanks babe

PlatinumRulz2K: hey christina... i miss u O:-)
BaByGrLsTiNa: i misssssssssssssss u

BaByGrLsTiNa: miss me?
BaByGrLsTiNa: hehe
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha =)
BaByGrLsTiNa: good answer
BaByGrLsTiNa: and i miss ur cute ass
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha thanks

BaByGrLsTiNa: pretty good lately
BaByGrLsTiNa: how bout them grls
BaByGrLsTiNa: do i have to beat anybody up?
BaByGrLsTiNa: uh oh
BaByGrLsTiNa: do i?

BaByGrLsTiNa: u wish
BaByGrLsTiNa: i know

BaByGrLsTiNa: italian bytch thank u very much

BaByGrLsTiNa: thanks ass

BaByGrLsTiNa: ill leave my thong on the side of your bed :-D
Auto response from St Scuba 74: Sorry for leaving ya everyone, but I gots to go learns......but leave me somthing dirty
BaByGrLsTiNa: hahaha

Drunkennmunky: will u strip for me first?
Drunkennmunky: ill give u a couple of dollars in ur pants
Drunkennmunky: maybe in ur g string or thong
St Scuba 74: if it comes down to it
St Scuba 74: but stripping will cost moe then money
Drunkennmunky: ok ill bring a cute lil thong for ya
St Scuba 74: hahah
St Scuba 74: sure

GliTTeRFLY 918: sure u watchin the movie wink wink;-);-)
GliTTeRFLY 918: so thats what they call it now

NyC TiCaL: but sometimes looking for something more turns into something less
NyC TiCaL: Kinda like..why go to the movies when you have a 65 inch flat screen sony megatron tv right at home....
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol

NyC TiCaL: well its easy for anyone to fall in love with ya. lol how could you not

PlatinumRulz2K: hey smart ass

pLaYeTTe418: i wish they made an interactive ride for sex
pLaYeTTe418: imagine?
XFiELdY982x: shit i'd be on it 24/7

BaByGrLsTiNa: i can make u say yipee ;-)
Auto response from St Scuba 74: yipee

Crwnjlz: sad times
BaByGrLsTiNa: i know =(
BaByGrLsTiNa: sad day in the neighborhood
BaByGrLsTiNa: mr rogers
Crwnjlz: *tear*

nycbalbr21: im sayin if i strip for ur birthday..betta keep it friendly
BaByGrLsTiNa: haha i will
BaByGrLsTiNa: does that mean ur thinkin bout it??

BaByGrLsTiNa: so i was thinking, maybe u could get a job in 'escapes'
BaByGrLsTiNa: im turnin 21 in april (the 18th) and thats where im spending the nite to celebrate. so if u were there i could put a couple of dollars in ur pants
Jbras22: u looked at the pics didnt u
BaByGrLsTiNa: ;-)

BaByGrLsTiNa: we playin for money, food or stripping
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: im stop hahaha
Jbras22: stripping
BaByGrLsTiNa: ;-) goodie i was hopin u'd say that

BaByGrLsTiNa: u betcha sweet ass
Jbras22: lol

nycbalbr21: ill hold u too that
BaByGrLsTiNa: u can hold something else too
BaByGrLsTiNa: lol
BaByGrLsTiNa: O:-)

BaByGrLsTiNa: :-D mwaa love u
nycbalbr21: love u too
nycbalbr21: lata baby
BaByGrLsTiNa: lata suga

BaByGrLsTiNa: mwaa luv u babe
nycbalbr21: luv u too ma

BaByGrLsTiNa: when do u feel like doin it
BaByGrLsTiNa: im busy til friday
St Scuba 74: right now
St Scuba 74: keep your scrubby clothes on
St Scuba 74: it makes me more horny

BaByGrLsTiNa: want some pop in your life...popcorn that is =)
St Scuba 74: tease

St Scuba 74: hey there sex kitten
BaByGrLsTiNa: hey there my lil dominatrix
St Scuba 74: hahahah
St Scuba 74: cute

BaByGrLsTiNa: i love being jewish
ERS082881: ur last name is Palumbostein?

BaByGrLsTiNa: heyhey
OoSexyTaty1oO: hi there
OoSexyTaty1oO: stina
OoSexyTaty1oO: bumblebees
OoSexyTaty1oO: lol