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Ok is the list of chat names we've seen throughout the years. I am trying to make it easier for contact of people...and also just for the fun of remembering those we used to chat with. I need your help in keeping this up to date, so please email the names you use for excite, yahoo, voodoo, msn, icq etc...and also if you want one of your email addresses posted for the girls to get in contact with you. If I am missing you or anyone else you know of, please email me and let me get this up to date! Thanks for your time and patience on the site ladies! huggs! Now let's get this page up to date! Run your cursor over each small image to get the contact information you need. :)


. : email . : excite . : msn . : voodoo . : yahoo . : icq . : aol .

2blackgoddess 2sassie4u 6stringgirl  
Abbey ll--Abbey--ll orque1 ll--Abbey--ll Addigirl AeR Alexis_1
Alibi Allison Alloly Alyx27 alyx27
Anasentier Andygirl Angelica Annefrancis
Annette_Lyndsay Artgirl1 Astaria Auctioneer
Author Avales1/Ava --ava-- Azntve Azria
Babygucci Bacardi_14 Badass_Sass BaxSideBay
Baybreeze3 Bbaby Bbop_18 Bbuilder
Bbygrl54 Beanpie Becca0510 Bhug
Biker Ren Bleep/Nonjahoy Bliss Blu_Crayon
Britchick38 britchick38 BrokenNyt Bubblekim Buffy
Ca_Honey ca_honey ca_honey_1999 Cajunbell Candacemarie/Candie candacemarie Carla
Carmen/Maillady33 Carriex Casja Casper/Cas
Cassibear CatEyes Cathy1978 Caty-suets caty-suets
Celi0phone celi0phone. Cherish Cherokee_35 Cherry
Chica Chilli Christyb12 Chubbikens/Maimee chubbikens
CindyGo64 Clearsailing clearsailing C0ma Corupted Chaos
Cranky cranksta Cyn    
Daisy Dangerous.Curves Darnbootedagain darn.booted.again DD
Dee_Ann Destiny Devon75 Dharma
D_lishus d_lishus Dita_waiting dita_waiting Dixiechick-1 Dolly6411
Elzbeth Enchanted enchanted_10 Esrevno Eyes_Of_Pale_Blue eyes_of_pale_blue
F11111 Fallendream Farah Fawn25
Fawnie fawniee Female Casanova/FC Femmie xxfemmiexx Fezzie
Fizzaroo fizzaroo4ever Frenchlace Froggystylewild  
Galkiwi1 galkiwi1 Geri26 GirlPowerr/GP Gnat dist0rted.c0ncept
Goldtone goldtone Gothic Gracie32 Gravity
Green-eyes-1/Iwandr Gypsy gypsy17    
Harleybabe Heartbeat Heartsong39 Heather
Heather_Brianna Hep99 Hooters-30 Hotone5/Allie
Hot_Siren -lanni- Hoxey Hrd_Drv/TJ Steel Hurt
Icey Ilkshy/Kissable_Ilk 0o-kissable_ilk-o0 In2 Innocentgrrl
Italianbabe italianbabe. Iwishh iwishh    
Jada_ann Jade x__jade__x Jady Jagermeistergrl jagermeistergrl
Jamie-Jamie Jax Jaz/Darkness Jett
Jewel Jewls Jilly_35 JillyJV
Jnky Jodes Joinme1 joinme_1 Jo-jo
Joy Julie Hott hott-n-wolf Juliet Junglekitty26
Just_Jen Justmelady Jyckee jyckee  
Kae Kami Karen34 Kat
Katee Kathy xkathyx Katt Kaylee01 kayleeo1
Kazz/Kazzzy kazzzy_ Kellygrrl Kentuckyrose kentuckyrose_1 Kerrbear
Kickchick5 kickchick5 KiD K/Dominion Kimmer Kimy _kimy
Kishi Kissss kissss_2 Kixy Krazy_Kate
Krissy KristalR Kristea Kristeajo kristeajo
Krysten Kordelia    
Ladie33 Ladybee6 Ladydev Ladykay
LadyMyra lady-myra Lady Shawna Ladyshyvirgo/MM Lady_Tigger
Laughalot Laurie492 Leigh_22 Lesmiserables lesmiserables
Lettykins30 Lickity Lil Cutie Lil Sisters
Lily Lindaluvs LionessR Little-Teri
Littlemissboo Little-ones little-ones Liz Lizzard-33
Lizzza1 Looneymouse26 Lorraine Lostgirl
Louise Loveme30 loveme30 Lovers Lucy
Lujean Luscious Luscious Ice Lushme/Jody x__jody__x
Maggie Malissa/Tainted Manda MarBeth
Marieaugusta Maxima Mazzy/Brat Meagen4u
Megtrick megtrick Mellies Wet Meshl Midnight_Angel
Mik Missy Mistress_Jagged Mistygirl74 mistygirl74
Mlle_Chantal Molly Mosterina Ms_Amb
Ms_M Msmj26 Mtwyldflower Myserve myserve30
Mystyere mystyere Myth1 MzMean  
Nala/Alisbaby Nancy/Mistress Nancy Nice_n_Ezy nice_n_ezy Nikki nikki124-
Nimieria nimieria1 Nething4u Nette North_Star7
Obsession OrangesAreNot Orchie _xorchid xorchid77 xorchid  
Paige162 Pammy2u Pattii PC_Widow
Peachez Pinkestlips Pixy/Sundaygirl Princess Angela
Princsscharming princsscharming Promised_Love Punkinluv punkinluv  
Rascal89 rascal89 Rebelrouser Red Lil Bear Red Ryder
Regina _Regina Reign/Mistress Reign Retail Tara River r-i-v-y
Robin robin100 Rogue Rose Roxy18cru
Samantha-uk Sandi_39 Sandraso Sandy414
Sandy1238 Sarhlyn sarhlyn Sassyjava Sbaby11 sbaby11
Scandalous paran0rmic Scrappydogg scrappydogg1 Sexyhottmay Sharon_22 sharon_22
Sharon7x Sharona069 Shiverz Shootsfromthehip
Shotgunsusie shotgunsusie Shyfox ShyLo Shyone101
Simian Sis01 SJudyblueeyes suitej Skcoolgirl
Sky_Whisper sky_whisper_ Smiling Bunny Snapshot snapshot5 Snookems99 snookems99
Softkiss Sophia Soul_Searcher4 Southernbeauty
Sowarm Sparkygrrl _-sparkygrrl-_ Stoneheart Subsiren
SueBee Sugar QT Sully/Wacko Summer_Angel
Sunny SunnySD Surferchic7 Sus_High_Phone_Bill
Suthrngrl_99 Svelte/Caligrrl caligrrl69 Sweetbrat/Daydreamer Sweetbrat7
Sweetbun Sweetcircuit Sweet_Honey_Bee Swtpea
T2shy t2shy Tastesweet Tee4u TeNdEr-1
TexTrue/Texylady Theresa_441 Thundercat thundercat_22 Tiffygirl
Tiger8me Tigereyes4two tigereyes4two_ Tinci Tinygirl
Tinyones TnTc57 Tooshytoo Toppy _toppy_
Topsy63 topsy63 Totallyfine totallyfine Tracy32 Tracy_40
Trigger4 Trinity/Mistress Trinity Trisa trisa1 Trista_x
Troi24 True Twiglet/Twiggy Twink
Val Venus Verucagurl verucagurl Violett101
Weezer_32 Wet_n_Wild/ H2o Whispering winds Whispurr2me whispurr2me
Wicca/Wiccandelight Wicked_Claws Wild_n_Crazy/Anita Wild Red
Wolf Wonderwoman Woodelf11 Wyld_laughter wyld_laughter
Xan Xecutrix1 Xen Xena
Zz Zamboe/Shyzamm zamboe Zoella Zooo zoooo