this page is my online book of shadows (started 1/6/03). i keep my own written book of shadows as well- a black leather bound one with a pentacle on it. i am not including everything i include in the written one on here.

my book of shadows blog

my spells

herbs - herbal correspondences


about me:

i am wiccan, and a solitary practitioner. i am a solitary initiate. i practice an eclectic tradition of wicca, with celtic, egyptian, and nocturnal witchcraft influences. i was raised catholic but didnt really believe in it as i got older. i found wicca years ago when i was studying healing crystals and stubled upon it on a website. since then i have studied it, and various eastern religions such as buddhism and hinduism, before settling down as a wiccan. its been a long path for me, finding my way and finding what religion was the right one for me. here i am, a practicing wiccan, and very happy with my spirituality and my studies.


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morrigan and bastet, my goddesses

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facts about me:

my wiccan name - black rose

black rose in the witches' alphabet:

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practicing/studying since - 2000

type/ tradition of wicca - eclectic tradition of wicca, with celtic, egyptian, and nocturnal witchcraft influences

*pantheon - celtic- my main goddess is morrigan (celtic). i also sometimes work with bastet (egyptian), my god is the horned god- Cernunnos , the green man

my familars - i have 3. my silver moon, a female gray calico cat with amber eyes. shes also a taurus, and very much like me. and isis, a black calico cat with green eyes, who was born friday the 13th of may 05. and a raven named morgan in the astral plane.

animal totems - black cats , ravens, & bats

my sun sign - scorpio

my element - water

my rune - kenaz meaning creativity, the rune for artists and crafts people

my crystals/stones - amethyst and black moonstone

magick specialty/ areas of study - candle magick, crystals, celtic mythology, egyptian mythology, tarot, runes, herbs, aroma therapy, familiars

most poweful spell/magick - visualisations of my soulmate and my animal totem, along with a spell for my soulmate resulted in trevor, and batman coming to me at the same time. also, visualisations for my familiar resulted in silver moon. desire i believe is the most powerful thing in magick


ritual/magickal products favorites:

favorite candle - yankee candle brand: midsummer's night, & wind sprites realm's dark enchantment/morgana le fay candles

my favorite incense - wind sprites realm's 'black magick' and 'black rose', & wildberry brand: night queen , ocean wind

my favorite herb - roses (black roses)

favorite essential oil - lavender

favorite ritual oil - black rose (my signature oil)

favorite spell powder - morgana le fay

favorite herbal blend - morgana le fay

favorite bath salts - morgana le fay bath salts

favorite spell ink - wind sprite's dark enchantment purple

herbal bath and body - wind sprite's black rose lotion, "the healing garden" lavendertherapy

favorite stores -

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Reach for the moon with Llewellyn, America's oldest New Age publisher



my altar

my morrigan/ morgana le fay altar


my witches' cabinent






moon phases



rituals, herbs, stones, candles, oils etc -


essential oils/ herbal ritual oils -

essential oils can be used as perfume or to make bath salts, or to simply add to a bath, or to annoint candles. i get mine from azure green and windsprite's realm

my favorite -

lavender - Powers: Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity, Purification, Happiness, Peace

rose - Fertility, Health, Love, Protection

favorite ritual oil -

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black rose oil - dark enchantment, morgana le fay, love. Made with the enchanting scents of Opium fragrance oil and Rose Absolute!

other oils i like -

dark moon oil - Use this oil for dark rituals and dark spell work, associated with the New moon.

water element oil - Use to promote love, healing, psychic awareness, and purification.

moon oil - Use this oil to induce psychic dreams, to speed healing, to facilitate sleep, to increase fertility, and all other Lunar influences. Also use at the time of the Full Moon to attune with its vibrations!

goddess bast oil - Use to call upon the Goddess Bast and all her gifts.

green woman oil - The Green Man has a less well known secret companion, The Green Woman. She symbolizes natures spiritual power. She is depicted in old stone carvings disgorging leaves from between her legs. If you listen, you can hear her laughter ringing through the woods. Use this oil to be attuned with the Earth's energies and to reconnect with Natures spiritual powers.

satyr's delight -   ~Satyr's are wild, uncontrollable spirits associated with sex, dancing, and intoxication. They are always sexually aroused! Satyr's famously chase nymph's, the woodland spirits, frequently catching them, often to the nymph's delight!~ Meant to attract the Satyr's Nymph's! This scent was made particularly with Lords in mind, but can be enjoyed by Maidens just the same. Use for lust, attraction, and power.

Suggested Uses: Anointing candles, Your Body, Jewelry/Amulets, Gemstones/Crystals, Ritual tools, Ritual Bath Water or place in Oil Diffusers.

i get these oils at wind sprites realm




spell powders

favorite powder -

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morgana le fay powder - Call upon the Dark enchantress and all her magic. Sprinkle in your circle, sit in the middle and take in the scent, sprinkle around your altar, or infuse your candles. Made with Rosemary, Rosepetals, Jasmine, Calendula, Lavender, Blackberry leaf and a few other mystery ingredients to keep the recipe our own!

other ones i like -

elemental water powder - Use the water powder to invoke your personal elemental. Sprinkle this powder in a circle on the floor or ground and sit within, taking in the powder's energies. Sprinkle it around candles crystal or stones. The easiest method is to sprinkle it when and where you need it's energies.

elemental earth powder - Use the earth powder to invoke your personal elemental. Sprinkle this powder in a circle on the floor or ground and sit within, taking in the powder's energies. Sprinkle it around candles crystal or stones. The easiest method is to sprinkle it when and where you need it's energies.

aphrodite's spell powder - Use to attract Love

protection powder - Sprinkle outside around your property to dispel and stave off negativity.


i get these powders at wind sprites realm




bath salts-

my favorite -

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morgana le fay bath salts- Bath with these bath salts to call upon the Dark enchantress and all her magic

other ones i like -

water element bath salts - Use to attune with the powers of Water, or for love, psychic awareness, friendships, healing and more

moon goddess bath salts - Bath with these bath salts before your Full moon ritual or anytime you deal with the Moon's properties.

i get these bath salts at wind sprites realm

To use: Add two tablespoons to one-half cup of the ritual bath salts to a full tub. Mix with your hands, feeling their energies merge with the water. While sitting in the bath, soak up the power. Allow yourself to receive it, or alternately, to release specific negative energies from yourself into the water. Directly after every ritual bath (and before, if necessary) clean your bath tub, either with a commercial cleanser or with a damp cloth covered in baking soda. Ritual baths taken in unclean bathtubs won't have the desired effects!




herbal ritual blends -

my favorite-

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morgana le fay herbal blend - Call upon the Dark enchantress and all her magic. Made with Rosemary, Rosepetals, Jasmine, Calendula, Lavender, Blackberry leaf and a few other mystery ingredients to keep the recipe our own!

other ones i like -

healing blend

bring a love blend

enchanted forest - Use prior to all types of positive magical rituals for extra potency. Made with Bark of White Oak, Bark of White Willow, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood

psychic awareness - Use to increase your psychic awareness Made with Lemongrass, Thyme, Orange Peel, Clove and Cinnamon

i get these herbal blends at wind sprites realm

Use for ritual baths, around your altar, as potpourri, or around your candles.




scented ritual spell inks -

my favorite -

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dark enchantment - The ink is Purple in color and scented with Our very own Black Rose scent.

other ones i like -

green woman - The ink is Dark Forest Green in color and scented with Oakmoss. Use in all your works involving the Element of Earth such as bring money, prosperity, abundance, stability, and foundation

mermaid's song - The ink is Deep Ocean Blue in color and scented with Lily. Use in all your works involving the Element of Water such as love, healing, psychic awareness, and purification

flames of the phoenix - Use in all your works involving the Element of  Fire such  as passion, love, strength, energy, and courage


i get these spell inks at wind sprites realm



incense -

my favorite (wind sprites realm ) -

black magick - dark enchantment

black rose incense cones - Made with the enchanting scents of Opium fragrance oil and Rose Absolute!

my other favorites -

(wildberry brand)-

night queen - dark enchantments

other ones i like -

(wind sprites realm ) -

druids sacred oak incense cones - Hand dipped in Mistletoe, Apples & Oak. A truly unique and mysterious scent!!

enchanted apple

inspiration and creativity incense cones

dragon's blood incense cones

soothing tranquility incense cones

pirates gold incense cones

dragon's blood

mermaid - water elementals

rose - love

(wildberry brand)-

isis - goddess incense

herbal mist - i love herbal scents

lavender - my favorite herb

rose - good for romance

faery dust - really nice smelling



candles -

my favorite scent (yankee candle brand)-

midsummer's night - this is a black candle with a very mysterious, enchanting scent. to me the color black represents night and my connection to it. it is the scent i like to keep my room smelling like. i have a large collection of these candles. i burn them when i am doing my wiccan studies, etc. they are the only candles i keep on my altar. i do not use them in my rituals. i use them separately in worship and to remind me of wicca and direct my thoughts to it during the day.

my other favorites -

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morgana le fay candles - Use to call upon the Dark enchantress and all her magic

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Dark Enchantments Pillar Candle - In the Shape of a Crayon Pillar, Made with 2 layers of colored wax. The top layer is Black Wax, the Bottom is Scarlet red wax. Candle is scented in our Black Rose scent.

other ones i like-

lavender - great for relaxation, my favorite herbal scent

splash of rain - i love rain scents

freshcut roses - a nice herbal love invoking scent

sage & citrus - herbal scent

ocean water - great ocean scent

botanical woods - another great herbal scent (limited edition)

witches' brew - just because

pumpkin pie - great spicey fall scent

autumn lodge - nice woodsy autumn scent

my other favorite candles -

samhain candles

dryad candles - Use to call upon these spirits, ask that they teach us the wisdom of the trees of old.

undines candles


i get these other candles at wind sprites realm

i use votives or taper candles for my spells and rituals.



stones -

my favorite-

amethyst - also good, used to increase psychic awareness, decrease stress, and spirituality

black moonstone - to commune the the dark goddesses, do night magick (my interpretation)

other ones i like -

quartz crystal - psychicism, meditation

onyx - protective, deflects negativity

sunstone (blue) - very similar to onyx

moonstone - femine energies

rose quartz - love

tigers eye - cat energy

amber - symbolic of renewal of marriage vows and to assure promises.

i also love prayer stones/worry stones




herbs -

my favorite -

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rose - my favorite flower, good in love spells

other ones i like -

lavender - relaxation, meditation, calming

hops - for sleep

eucalyptus - healing

dragon's blood - love, protection

sage - good in money/prosperity spells

cat nip - for use with cat magick

jasmine - love, sensuality, lust

penzy green goddess - has great herb selection and some herbs with stories behind them, not just for use in foods: as star anise, rosemary leaves and whole nutmeg that came in our spicey wedding set. each have different symbolisms. they also have green goddess, a great herb mix i use on my altar in honor of the goddess. and many that are great in foods and spells.




herbal bath and body -

favorite (wind sprites realm) -

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black rose lotion - Made with the enchanting scents of Opium fragrance oil and Rose Absolute! We have added a touch of purple.

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raven's blood soap - Created with our GOTHIC friends in mind!! Perfect for the GOTHIC home! Black in color but when held in the light, has the appearance of blood! Comes in a variety of Celtic Designs! Scented with Black rose and Opium!

the healing garden products (body mist, shower gel, lotion, and bath salts) are the ones i love to use all the time.

other ones i like -

raven's mystery soap - Scented with Midnight rose and Opium!

aphrodite's spell lotion and milk bath-   Made with the romantic scent of Midnight Rose!! Jasmine, Rose, Honeysuckle and Musk are perfectly blended together to create a fragrance that could have only come from Aphrodite herself!! You will love this exotic sexy aroma.

satyr's delight soap and lotion - ~Satyr's are wild, uncontrollable spirits associated with sex, dancing, and intoxication. They are always sexually aroused! Satyr's famously chase nymph's, the woodland spirits, frequently catching them, often to the nymph's delight!~ Meant to attract the Satyr's Nymph's! This scent was made particularly with Lords in mind, but can be enjoyed by Maidens just the same.


lavendertherapy for relaxation

my other favorites -

zzztherapy for sleep





herbal teas -

favorite hot tea -

(wind sprites realm)

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temptress tea - Drink to increase sexual energy. This special tea will turn red when steeped, the color of passion! Add honey or sugar to taste. Made with Black Tea, Hibiscus Flowers, Damiana, and Yerba Mate.

other ones i like -

goddess centering tea - Drink when you need to attune with the Deities. Add honey or sugar to taste. Made with English Breakfast, Chamomile, Comfrey, Elder Flower, Rose Hips.

love spell tea - Drink before or during a Love spell. Add honey or sugar to taste. Made with Black Tea, Raspberry Leaves, Rose hips, Chamomile, Damiana, and Mullein.

(celestial seasonings) -

echinacea complete care - drink to keep from getting sick, and when i am sick

sleepy time - great for before bed

chamomile - great for relaxation

favorite cold teas (sobe) -



black tea




recipe for bath salts

1 cup salts

1/2 cup epsom salt

1/2 cup baking powder

several drops of essential oil




basic ritual format i use

1. cleanse/concecrate area that you will be using for your magick circle
2. cast circle using your athame/wand/or finger (clockwise)
3. invite god/goddess to join you
4. perform any magick, meditations, spells that you wish, or celebratory rites for the current esbat or sabbat
5. cakes and ale
6. thank the god/goddess for their presence
7. take down magick circle (un-create counter clockwise)

the cleanse- can use broom, blessed salt, blessed water or incense. to bless (aka consecrate) something say "i consecrate this ____ in the name of the god/goddess"

to cast circle, envision light coming from the tool you are using and creating the circle as you move your finger. start in north to create.

altar- should include these, or reps of these
- consecrated salt (earth)
- consecrated water (water)
- incense (air)
- candle, red (fire)
- 2 usually white (i prefer black) altar candles for lighting other candles, etc
- goddess rep, white candle or picture, etc
- chalice (can be wine glass, or just a glass, or cup) with wine or juice etc in it
- tools you are using , such as wand or athame
- book of shadows.
- pentacle

altar can be placed in middle, north or west, or where you prefer.

to exit circle cut a door- using tool, make form in shape of door. when re-enter circle, close door but 'un-creating' it.





black: returning to sender, divination, negative work, protection

blue-black: for wounded pride, broken bones, angelic protection

dark purple: uses for calling up the power of the ancient ones, sigils/runes, government

lavender: to invoke righteous spirit within yourself and favors for people

dark green: invoking the goddess of regeneration, agriculture, financial

mint green: financial gains (used with gold or silver)

green: healing or health, north cardinal point

avacado green: beginnings

light green: improve the weather

indigo blue: to reveal deep secrets, protection on the astral level, defenses

dark blue: to create confusion (must be with white or you will confuse yourself)

blue: protection

royal blue: power and protection

pale/light blue: protection of home, buildings, young, young males

ruby red: love or anger of a passionate nature

red: love, romantic atmosphere, energy, south cardinal point,

light red: deep affection of non-sexual nature

deep pink: harmony and friendship in the home

pink: harmony, friendship with people, binding magick

pale pink: friendship, young females

yellow: healing, can also represent east cardinal point

deep gold: prosperity, sun magick

gold: attraction

pale gold: prosperity in health

burnt orange: opportunity

orange: material gain to seal a spell, attraction

dark brown: invoking earth for benefits

brown: peace in the home, herb magick, friendship

pale brown: material benefits in the home

silver: quick money, gambling, invocation of the moon, moon magick

off-white: peace of mind

lily white: mother candle (burned for 30 minutes at each moon phase)

white: righteousness, purity, used for east cardinal point, devotional magick

gray: glamouries



monday: white
tuesday: red
wednesday: purple
thursday: green
friday: blue
saturday: black
sunday: yellow



herbs for protection: angelica, asafetida, basil, bay laurel, boneset, cinnamon, cloves, comfrey, coxcomb, fennel, garlic, holly, horehound, hound's tongue, ivy, madrake, marigold, mistletoe, nettle, rosemary, rue, sage, st. john's wort, slippery elm, solomon's seal, sunflower, vervain, yarrow

herbs to break hexes: angelica, hemlock, henbane, horehound, nettle, nightshade, rue, solomon's seal, yew, yarrow

herbs of house and buisness blessing: angelica, basil, bay laurel, camphor, cinquefoil, cowslip, elderflower, figwort, garlic, lavender, madrake, orris, orange peel, pine, plantain, rosemary, rowan, rue

herbs for exorcism: angelica, basil, clove, cumin, dragon's blood, frankincense, fumitory, garlic, heliotrope, horehound, juniper, lilac, mallowe, mint, mistletoe, myrrh, pepper, pind, rosemary, rue, sagebrush, sandalwood, snapdragon, thistle, yarrow



(use for carving on candles)

aries: to begin a project

taurus: to gain and keep luxury

gemini: to create communicative change

cancer: to work possitive emotions

leo: to guard what you have

virgo: to remember the details

libra: to bring fairness

scorpio: to intensify anything

saggittarius: to bring humor and friends

capricorn: to plan business finances

aquarius: to bring change and freedom

pisces: to connect to the spiritual world



sun: success
moon: family
venus: love and fast cash
mars: to activate anything
mercury: communcation
jupiter: expansion
saturn: banish or restict

by silver ravenwolf


ritual supplies, favorite magickal things, etc -

my wiccan robe (velvet)


my wand (pic not true to life, its very silver)-


my chalice -


my pentacle rug that lays in front of my altar-


one of my many pentacle necklaces, this one being a favorite for its deep meaning. i always wear this one.


my other favorite pentacle, wind sprites realm -

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another necklace special to me, my morrigan necklace, which i also always wear , wind sprites realm -

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my morrigan statue on my morrigan altar -

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my favorite bracelet, dark enchantment, wind sprites realm -

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other favorite, goddess bast, wind sprites realm -

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my favorite oil, wind sprites realm -

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my favorite handpainted treasure box ~ night queen's treasure box , wind sprites realm

 Image hosted by Image hosted by

my other favorite handpainted treasure box ~this one i requested from wind sprites realm ~ dark enchantment tarot/altar box, used on my morrigan altar

 Image hosted by Image hosted by

and this one i use on my main altar ~ handpainted black rose altar box

 Image hosted by

my favorite witches bottle

 Image hosted by


some of my favorite candles - i have many jars, pillars, and votives of these and other scents i love

<<<< this is my all time fav scent,

my other favorites...


herbal bath and body collections ~ "the healing garden" lavendertherapy is my favorite


my favorite herbal tea ~ i love celestial seasonings


my rune set - amethyst


my tarot deck


favorite tarot and rune bag, have one for each


my potion bottle- i use to hold moon water


my celtic birth sign necklace-

MAGICAL ABILITY (Hop Tu Naa) - Isle of Man children even today sing on this festival: 'Jinny the squinny went over the house...Hop Tu Naa, Hop Tu Naa.' A squinny is a witch, whose eternal magical powers find form in the Pentagram. Individuals born under this sign have magical ability and well-defined goals.




some of my favorite books about wicca/witchcraft, etc:

"egyptology" by emily sands

"autumn equinox" by ellen dugan

"mysteries of isis" by detraci regula

"your magical cat" by Gerina Dunwich

"celtic myth and magick" by edain mccoy

"celtic woman's spirituality" by edain mccoy

"nocturnal witchcraft" by konstantinos

"gothic grimoire" by konstantinos

"vampires: the occult truth" by konstantinos

"solitary witch" by silver ravenwolf

a witches' notebook by silver ravenwolf

"magic of the celtic otherworld" by steve blamires

"wicca for one" by raymond buckland

"wicca for the solitary practictioner" by scott cunningham

"living wicca" by scott cunningham

"If You Want to be a Witch: A Practical Introduction to the Craft" by edain mccoy

"making magick" by edain mccoy

"A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk: Reclaiming Our Working Relationship with Invisible Helpers" by edain mccoy

"sabbats" by edain mccoy

"advanced witchcraft" by edain mccoy

"the witches familar" by raven grimassi

"bucklands complete book of witchcraft" by ramond buckland

"scottish witchcraft" by ramond buckland

"spirit of the witch" by raven grimassi

cunninghams "encyclopedia of magickal herbs"

cunningham's "encyclopedia of stones, gems and metals"

cunningham's "magical aromatherapy"

"moon magick" by dj conway

"magick and rituals of the moon" by edain mccoy

"celtic magick" by dj conway

"to ride a silver broomstick" by silver ravenwolf

the complete idiot's guide to wicca and witchcraft

"Handfasting and Wedding Rituals: Welcoming Hera's Blessing"
by: Raven Kaldera

"tarot spells" by Janina Renee

"The Tarot Companion: An Essential Reference Guide"
by: Tracy Porter

"tarot shadow work" by christine jette

"A Practical Guide to the Runes: Their Uses in Divination and Magic"
by: Lisa Perschel

speak with the dead by konstantinos