Carmilla's Cabin

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Greetings. Below are some screen shots of my cabin within Britwych World in Spiral Matrix Chat. Now let me explain abit first for those of you slow on the uptake..... Spiral Matrix is a Chat Engine that is 3D enviorment. Within the enviorment one can build their own home and world to whatever theme suits their fancy. I am not going to get into the extremes of how to do that if those of you wish to find that out your welcome to ask me some questions and IF I have time I will try and answer your questions. Now as For Britwych. The World is a Pagan World (I'm not the owner of the world) And is owned and Run by Kaizen. I have included afew shots over the overall world but my main area is my Cabin. Citizens within Britwych are invited (usually) to have a house within their village within the world. All these views are in first person mode. In my cabin shots the blue text below the picture is what I plan to add also one of the shots of my living room I have encluded the entire chat engine.


This is their main gate upon arrival to world the gate is circular in appearance and to save time I have included only looking at one end of the gate you can rotate 360 degrees. Please note that sometimes upon arrive a person drops below ground this problem if fixed by using the shift and + key on number pad at same time and move up intil you are standing on the grass

Flying around is one very fast method of travelling around the world but for novices its a good idea to crawl before flying like a road runner you might get "lost" in the above screen shot I am looking down upon their teleport gate which isnt far from the main gate. Lets say you want to go to their Egypt area then in circle you look for their mini screen shot of Egypt within the arches and click on it and you will do the Star Trek beaming routine ~giggles. They created the teleport center because their world is huge and ever growing. Remember thou this is look down from above.



This is my entrance to my Yard feel free to come inside.

Things to add here: An Letter in the Skull Mailbox and a Bell with Hanging Rope beside the Gate.

This is when one takes awalk down the side of my walked in yard when it nighttime within the world the Gargoyle Statues on top of wall eyes glow Green.

Things to add here: Nothing

This is my yard at one end my ritual area for pagan celebrations please treat this area with the upmost respect.

Things to Add: Bats hanging from the tree limbs.

This picture shows more of my yard and it was taken before I changed the texture on the Altar The sacks and wicker basket by the door is my petfood and pet dish the door is entrance to my cabin please knock before entering (rp speech).

Things to Add: Chimera (Pet) And I am going put in Vines on the inside walls of the yard and MAYBE do a lite path so people dont stub their toes walkin to the door at night. Also going to add a hanging Knocker or bell beside the door.

This is from infront of the fireplace facing towards my front door now when this shot was taken I hadn't removed one of the lamps on shelf.

Things to add here: A Cage with a bat by the counch and a cloth for on top of my coffin (bed) Also afew things for my desk.

In this last Building shot It is looking inside my cabin from standing on the otherside of the door upon entry. I have included the entire chat engine to give you a feel for what its like to chat within Spiral Matrix and Britwych When I took this shot I had added the picture above the coffin.

Things to Add: Spider Tank, New Rug,Teddy bear on couch and bat cage with bat in it





ME of course!! this isnt my personal avator for the world that hasnt been made yet.


My real life brother he likes to wear dragon avators in Britwych. He would be on more if I didnt hog the pc that much he is friendly dragon and helpful to tourists (guests) BUT he is a hyperactive dragon.


The World Owner of Britwych and Main Builder/Designer Hes understanding and helpful and has tons of patience. This is who you see if you want Citizenship within Britwych.


Real Life wife of Kaizen the assisant owner of Britwych. Very kind hearted person who does classes on energy work in the school and helps people with their homework.


A very patient builder who has designed a secondary building world just to teach peoples the ins and outs of object building and creation.


A fun loving and friendly Elf Aellyn brings a smile to all guests and citzens alike shes more like a messanger of the gods (Kai and Cerri) and watches over things kind hearted and fun loving dont forget to say heya to her if you see her


The builder of Egypt section of Britwych she follows the Egyptian Pagan Panthron. Friendly person and has a eye for detail is always defineing things to make them better. She good at answering world questions


Very friendly and cheerful Citzen shes good at suggestions to peoples cabins and just to chat when people are down


These are just some of the people within Britwych. These ones are most commonly around but remember that time zones do affect things so if you go to Britwych and no one around try again later the best times are on weekends or early morning if you are in eastern time zone there is a 6 hour difference between England and North America.