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Gray Morph ~ Shadow Morph

CLIMATE/TERRAIN: - The Nightmare Lands. -

fREQUENCY: Common. - Rare.

ORGANIZATION: Group. - Pack.

ACTIVITY CYCLE: Night. - Night.

DIET: Special. - Special.

INTELLIGENCE: Low (7). - Very (11).

TREASURE: Nil. - Nil.

ALLIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral. - Lawful Evil.

NO.APPEARING: 4-24. - 1-4.

ARMOR CLASS: 7. - 4.

MOVEMENT: 6. - 12.

HIT DICE: 3. - 5.

THACO: 17. - 15.

NO.OF ATTACKS: 1. - 2.

DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1D4. - 1D8/1D8.

SPECIAL ATTACKS: Absorption. - Horor.

SPECIAL DEFENSES: +1 Weapon To Hit. - +2 Weapon To Hit.


SIZE: S (4' Tall). - M (5' Tall).

MORALE: Unsteady (7). - Elite (13).

XP VALUE: 420. - 975.

Lesser Dream Spawn Come In Many Varieties,But Morphs Are The Type Most Often Employed By The Nightmare Court.Two Of The More Prevalent Types Are Gray Morphs And Shadow Morphs.


Gray Morphs Populate The DreamScapes And Roam The Terrain Between (A Zone In Which Waking Reality And Dreamscapes Are Mixed And in Constant Flux).They Function As The Supporting Cast In Dreams And Night- mares.It Is Not Known If They Serve This Function In Normal Dream Scenes Or Just In The Dreamscapes Of The Nightmare Lands.

A Gray Morph's Natual Form Is That Of A Small,Blank, Featureless Humanoid With Long,Gangly Limbs And Pale, Gray Flesh That Is As Malleable As Water.In Dreamscapes, Gray Morphs Assume The Forms Of Normal People, Common Animals, And Even Common Objects To Fill Out Details Of A Dream.They Can Change Form At Will In A Dreamscape Due To The Energy Provided By a Seed (A Dreamer Temporarily Attached To A Particular Dreamscape).In The Terrain Between,However, They Need To Draw On The Memories OF Living, Sentient Beings Through Physical Contact.

Gray Morphs Speak The Language Of All Dream Spawn,As Well As The Language Of The Memory Forms They Assume.


These Dream Spawn Are Cowards Who Hide Behind The Masks Of Change.They Perfer Not To Fight,Fleeing At The First Sight OF Hostility.If Forced Into Battle, They Attack With Their Clawlike Hands For 1d4 Points Of Damage.Against Wanderers They Will Murmur Their Language (See General Information).


When Not Wearing The Forms Drawn From The Minds Of Dreamers,Gray Morphs Huddle In Groups And Wait For New Memories To Come Along And Give Them Purpose And Roles To Play.Otherwise, They Have No Society To Speak Of.They Resent The Greater Dream Spawn Who Lord Over Them.


Gray Morphs Absorb Memories And Assume Memoryforms To Substain Themselves.They Avoid Greater Spawn,Who Feast On Them.


Shadow Morphs Play Major Rolls In Nightmares,Assuming The Forms Of Whatever Horrors (Of 5 HD Or Less) Haunt The Recessed Memries Of Dream Seeds (That Is, Dreamers).Its Natural Looks Much Like A Gray Morph, Though It's Slightly Larged,It's Flesh Darker,And It's Featureless Lines Sharper And More Frightening.


Shadow Morphs Are Vicous,Mean-Spirited Creatures That Revel In Causing Pain In Destruction While Inducing Heart-Stopping Fear.A Shadow Morph Has A Horror Attack,A Terrible sreech That Causes Everyone Who Hears It And Can See the Morph's Natural Form To Save VS. Spell At -2 Or Be Frozen With Fear For 1D6+1 Rounds.Those Affected By The Horror Give Off Energy That Sustains And Fortifies The Shadow Morph.For Each Round That A Victim Is Horror-Stuck,The Fear-Inducing Morph Regenrates 1 Lost Hit Point.


Shadow Morphs Have No Established Society.Like The Lesser Dream Spawn,They Seek The Dreams Of Others To Give Them Form And Substance.However,Unlike Gray Morphs,Shadow Morphs Use Their Ability To Assume Memoryforms To Generate Even Greater Fear In Their Victims.They Assume The Forms Of Monsters Or Whatever Memories Most Frighten A Dreamer.


Shadow Morphs Feed On Fear,So They Rarely Kill Their Victims.Greater Dream Spawns Sometimes Feed On These Dark Creatures.