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CLIMATE/TERRAIN: The Nightmare Lands.

fREQUENCY: Very Rare.



DIET: Special.



ALLIGNMENT: Lawful Evil.



MOVEMENT: 9,F1 24 (C).


THACO: 13.


DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1D6 x4 Or By Weapon.

SPECIAL ATTACKS: Swoop,Invisibility.

SPECIAL DEFENSES: +3 Or Better Weapon To Hit.


SIZE: M (6' Tall).

MORALE: Champion (16).

XP VALUE: 6,000.

Ennui Are Greater Dream Spawn Who Serve The Members Of THe Nightmare Court,Actively Controlling Events Occuring In Dreamscapes While Their Masters Are Otherwise Occupied. They Can Move Freely Across The Vile Of Sleep,Stepping Between The Waking World And The Dreamscapes Without Trouble.Ennui Are Natually Wild And Savage.Fear Generated In Dreamers By Nightmares Not Only Sustains Ennui,It Gives THem Control Over Their Innate Savagery.

An Ennui Appears As A Large Creature That Can Shift Its Form At Will.In Its Natural Form,It Stands As Tall As A Man,Has Four Arms,And Batlike Wings.Its Skin Is Grey And Featureless,Able To Change With Fludic Ease.

Enni Speak The Language Common To All Dream Spawn,As Detailed In The General Entry.An Ennui Can Also Speak The Primary Language Of The Dreamer Or Wanderer From WHich It Draws Memories.


An Ennui Fights With Its Four Clawlike Hands.It Can Strike With All Four Claws In A Single Round,But Can Attack Only A Single Foe.Each Claw Inflicts 1d6 Points Of Damage.

The Type Of Greater Dream Spawn Can Also Make A Special Swoop Attack.It Dives At An Opponant From A Great Height,Its Wings Spread Wide.At THe End Of The Swoop,The Ennui Attacks A Single Target With All Four Clawed Hands And With Its Two Clawed Feet.All Ennui Claws Inflict 1d6 Points Of Damgae,But The Swoop Provides A Damage Bonus Of +2 To Each Successful Attack.After All Six Attacks Are Made,The Swooping Ennui Must Land And Spend The Next Two Rounds Restings Its WIngs.It Can Continue To Use Other ATtack Forms,But Must wait Atleast Two Rounds Before Making Another Swoop Attack.

If Armed With A Dream Slayer Sword (40% Chance),An Ennui Can Make Two Attacks Per Round.These Attacks Can Be Directed At One Or Two Opponents.The Dream Slayer Sword Inflicts 1d10+4 Damage Upon Dreamers Or 1d10+1 Damage Upon Wanderers.

AN Ennui In Its natural Form Can Become Invisible At Will.If It Makes An Attack It Immediately Becomes Visable Again.An Attack Ennui Often Becomes invisible After Making A Swoop Attacks To Confuse Its Opponents.


Ennui Hate Other Ennui And Lord Over All Lesser Dream Spawn.They Have No Communities,But Seek To Serve The Nightmare Court.A Vassal Ennui Is A Dream Spawn Who Has Attached Itself To The Court.Vassal Ennui Performs Special Missions For Specific Court Members And Also Serve As Overseers Of THe Dreamscapes.When A Dreamer Is Emplaced As A Seed in A Dreamscapes,An Ennui is Assigned To Guard Him And Keep The Nightmare Flowing. Like Wardens In Prisons,Ennui Enforce The Laws Of Their Masters And Administer To Particular Dream- scapes.They Take This Job Very Seriously And Are Prepared To Die To Fulfill It.

Rogue Ennui Are Greater Dream Spawn Who Have Not yet Attached Themselves To The Nightmare Court Or Who Have Been Dismissed From Their Duties.These Creatures Are Wild And Extremely Dangerous As They are Denied Access To The Fearinducing Nightmares They Crave.


Ennui Draws Sustenance From The Dream Seeds They Oversee They Can Consume Lesser Dream Spawn,But The Sweet Fear Generated By The Nightmares Of Dream Seeds Keep Their wild Sides In Check.