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Random Death

Sunday, 18 April 2004


Well, it's now 2:42 AM, and I'm supposed to be in bed... oh well, it doesn't matter...

I'm making sites on three hosts right now: Tripod, FreeWebs, and here at Angelfire... Isn't that exciting! I just registered myself on Schnoogle. Finally. I've been visiting there for nearly a year, but I've never posted anything. My fic, Secrets, should be up in about a week.

I really don't like this page where they make you type in your entry... It's all
blue and orange, which go great together, being complimentary colors and all, but really bug me cuz I consider these shades of the aforementioned colors absolutely vile. Blue is only acceptable in ocean blue, cerulean, or midnight. Sky blue and pastel blue are worse than dirt. *laughs* I am such a hypocrite...I'm wearing powder blue sweatpant right now!!! Well, back to orange:EW. The color is disgusting....

I miss Anna and Tryphaena. Since you probably have no clue who the hell I'm talking about, I got an italian charm bracelt for my eleventh birthday (lol, that was a long time ago!) and her name is Tryphaena. That's also my name on the LPC, she's my namesake and I'm hers. Anyways, Anna is the charm watch I got for Christmas. She's named after Mike Shinoda's girlfriend...damn how I wish I was her... The human Anna, I mean. No way do I want to be a watch.

Bleargh. This page is really bugging me. I prefer the LPC's dim grayness...anyone alse who agrees w/ me and likes Linkin Park, go to theLinkin Park Community. It's an awesome place, many people there like me...totally insane...

*shrieks wildly and begins laughing hysterically for no apparent reason*

*looks around and wonders if she's scared everybody off yet*

Well, if anyone's still here after that display of...temporary madness (*scoffs* lol yeah right...temporary my ass...), here's some stuff about me:

Name: Michele Branden. Not really, but nobody wants to know my name anyways. Tose are my real initials though....

Birthday: August 14

Hair: Extremely dark brown

Eyes: Boring brown


  • Color: GREEN

  • Food: people...mmmmmm...*licks her lips* j/k. I like broccoli, mashed potatoes, carrots, apples w/ peanut butter, and roast beef on sourdough sandwiches

  • Ice cream flavor: coffee

  • Sport: EEEW to sports!!! Soccer is my favorite, but I like basketball better.

  • Singer/Band: LINKIN PARK!!!!

  • TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Book: HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  • School subject: Math

  • Soda: anything orange

  • Song: I like a lot of songs... all by LINKIN PARK!!!

  • Linkin Park song: see above answer

  • CD: Meteora

  • Weather: white skes or rain


  • When I'm nervous I: get figety, talk too fast, or avoid eye contact. And if I'm lucky, all fucking three!

  • When I'm frustrated I: yell at people

  • When I'm happy I: get all bouncy and hyper

  • When I'm mad I: yell at people

  • I eat an oreo by: pulling apart the two halves and scraping the cream of w/ my teeth, then eating the cookies

  • I study by: reading the material I'll be quizzed/tested on, or being quizzed by a friend(or by my worst enemy, which, weirdly enough, has happened twice in the last week...).

Top 10 Closest Friends:

1 Seth

2 Rebecca

3 Joan

4 Rachel

5 Nyssa

6 Kim

7 Spaz

8 Lessxthanxempty (don't have a clue what her real name is)

9 this computer, even though it's a total ass...

10 All the ppl from books I've read or movies I've watched, or even bands I'm obsessed w/ (hint: misspelling of our 16th--was it sixteenth?--president's last name followed by P-A-R-K) that I've fantasised about being friends w/

And another useless survey I got from my friend randomFLYINGcows' journal on the LPC (Read her poetry, pplz, it's amazing. But if you're a cheerful person, don't read it.). It's about my ideal guy:

1. Hair color? dark

2. Eye color? dark

3. Height? around 5’9”

4. Six pack? i dunno…sure, y not? it doesn’t matter

5. Long or Short Hair? short

6. Glasses? no

7. Piercings? no

8. Scars? no

9. Eyebrows? DUH…

10. Big butt or little? y is this relevant?

11. Chest hair? no

12. Buff or skinny? somewhere between the 2

13. Straight teeth, gap, or braces? straight

14. Funny or serious? serious, but he has humor

15. Party or stay at home? home

16. Should he cook or bake? he can cook… i don’t like 2, so he should 4 me

17. Should he have a best friend? he can if he wants one

18. Should he have a lot of girlfriends? no

19. Secretive or Outgoing? secretive

20. Sarcastic or Sincere? sarcastic

21. Should he love his mother? nope, his mom’s a bitch

22. Should he watch chick flicks? no way. i hate chick flicks. he should not watch chick flicks.

23. Would he be a smoker? no

24. Would he drink? when he wants 2

25. Would he swear? sure. i do

26. Would he play with your hair? no

27. One or more girls at one time? one

28. Would he pay for dates? we could alternate

29. Does he kiss on the first date? yups

30. Where would you go to dinner? don’t care, as long as i like the food

31. Would he bring you flowers? no way, flowers just sit in a vase and die

32. Would he lay under the stars with you? if he wanted 2… i like the stars

33. Would he write poetry about you? sure as long as he didnt show it to me.

34. Would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby? no…mushy nicknames=yucks

35. Would he hang out with you and your friends? yeah….whatever

36. Would you hang out with him and his friends? yeah

37. Will he walk you to the door at the end? whatever he felt like doing...

38. Holding hands? yea

39. Soccer? as long as he didnt make me play...

40. Baseball? no…ew

41. Basketball? yups…i luv basketball.

42. Football? as long as he didnt make me play...

43. Waterpolo? no

44. Surf? sure…i don’t care

45. Skateboard? yeah

46. Snowboard? yeah

47. Sing? yeah

48. Play guitar? yes…then he could teach me!!!

49. Play piano? yes…dark guys that play piano are hot *cough*mike*cough*

50. Play drums? yes…dark guys that play drums are hot…like rob, and the drummer in Maroon5

51. Clean his room? sure, as log as he wasn’t a neat freak

52. Paint, draw, sculpt? yeah, i luv art…

53. Writes his own music? hell yeah

54. Use the word dude? sumtimes i use it, sumtimes he can

55. Use the word tight? i don’t, but if he wants 2

56. Would he watch the sunrise with you? if i was up, which has only happened once, so probably not.

57. How old is he? older than me

58. What's his name? Seth (Mike Shinoda is good too)

Yup... So now anyone who reads this knows a lot about me... ain't that just great.

I bet nobody's reading this anyways.

well, to anyone who is reading this:

Hugs and Hershey's kisses... real ones too...

x0x Tryphe x0x

Posted by goth2/tryphe at 3:27 AM PDT
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