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undo me, my garments are in pain


Adorned Cadaver

Literary Lore

Pasted on Smyles

The Shadowz: ..{Home}..

..'n the light, simple truth is hidden by the glare 'nd reflection, of prismatic lies 'nd deceit wrapped 'n a coat of mirrors. 'n the light, people go about their days with their eyes cast down 'n fear of seeing the horror of their own existence reflected 'n the eyes of the similarly condemned. The relentless light beats down upon their withered souls until their will is broken 'nd all hope is lost. Then all that is left is to travel the path that promises relief, the dark..

..'n the dark, truth is 'n the open, but well guarded by the forces of fear, knowing 'nd mistrust. Even if some hapless fool should stumble over it, he merely thinks of it as 'n obstacle 'n his path, not the path on which to embrace 'nd travel. 'n the dark, people do not reach out with open arms 'n hope of finding another. They don't care about the other's judgemental conclusions about their life, only that they will be left alone, if only for a little while. They grope through the oppressive dark until they are swallowed by despair brought on by overwhelming depravation to the senses. Then their only hope is to end it all 'nd cross over into the shadows..

..'n the shadows, a narrow place between dark 'nd light, the truth exists neither hidden nor guarded, but 'n the open where any who come looking may find it. It is here 'n these shadows that I exist, safe from the deception of light 'nd the cruelty of the dark. Who am I? That is a question that each must decide for themselves. I will give no false images, nor confuse you with meaningless names. I will however welcome you to enter my gates, 'nd hope that I may help you obtain your own level of ill content..

..there were times when I could open my eyes, 'nd sense the allure of the darkness calling from the depths of the shadows.. ..'nd there were times when I could barely swallow the stale air that lingered at my lips.. ..'nd sometimes I would simply lay awake wishing for dreamless sleep..

..perhaps these were the times I came the closest... the end..