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undo me, my garments are in pain


Adorned Cadaver

Literary Lore

Pasted on Smyles

The Shadowz: ..{Adorned Cadaver}..

..It seems as if the human brain is always 'n search of knowledge, no matter how trivial or useless it may be..So I have rendered m'self t' feed this compulsion..

1.)To lend beauty to;decorate 2.)To enhance the distinction, beauty, splendor or glory of; add luster to
A dead body especially one intended for dissection

Locale: ..South Carolina, nestled firmly 'n The Shadowz..

Marital Status: ..Taken..

Favorite Authors: ..I get lost 'n the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, William Shakespear.. 'nd dwell 'n the pages of Steven King, Anne Rice, 'nd Kathy Reichs...

Favorite Musicians: ..Metallica, Type O Negative, Rob Zombie, Staind, Static X..Mix that with some classical, 'nd a bit of whatever catches my mood..{This list could go on forever}