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The History of the Cruxshadows


"In 1992, two disillusioned hackers and an art student began a musical endeavor that later became known as the CRÜXSHADOWS. Self-admittedly influenced by Gothic, Industrial and New Wave, the band has released three albums, supporting them with shows all over the East Coast of the US... This Florida-based group continues to perform and plans to release another album in 1999."
The Crüxshadows was formed in 1992 by Rogue, Sean Flanagan, and Tim Curry in Tallahassee, Florida. In 1997, Sean and Tim both quit the band and were replaced by Chris Brantley, Kevin Page, and Trevor Brown (l-r). Trevor then withdrew from the band for personal reasons but remains semi-active in the band and will appear in 2 songs on the forthcoming THE MYSTERY OF THE WHISPER. Most of his duties have been taken over by Rachel McDonnell. There is a possibility that Trevor may return for future projects. 
The band was originally on Nesak International/Kado Records which sold all of its rights to Dancing Ferret Discs and Mere Mortal Record respectively. Mere Mortal Records ended folding in mid-1999 and, thus, Dancing Ferret Discs has printed and produced the Crüxshadows last two releases: UNTIL THE VOICES FADE... and THE MYSTERY OF THE WHISPER. The Crüxshadows have toured nationally but as of yet have not made it as far as the West Coast. However, their music can be heard all over the country and in Europe. Presently, the current lineup of the Crüxshadows-Rogue, Chris, Rachel, and Kevin. Their latest CD, MYSTERY OF THE WHISPER, was released November 1999. Their cover of John Lennon's "HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER)" was released on Projekt Records Holiday Compilation EXCELSIS VOL. 2: A WINTER'S SONG the following month. The Crüxshadows have another song, "DECEPTION," to be released mid January 2000 on Dancing Ferret Discs - MUSIC FROM THE SUCCUBUS CLUB, the official soundtrack to VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE. 
The Crüxshadows toured the U.S. to include the west coast during the summer of 2000. They played at CMJ 2000, headlining a show at Downtime with Godhead, Rheas Obsession, & others. The Cruxshadows headlined a show at the House of Blues Halloween weekend, and then toured into TX and LA. The band finished its touring in 2000 in the Southeast with Bella Morte supporting. The band released PARADOX ADDENDUM in the Fall of 2000, which contained the video for Cruelty (PC and Mac). In 2001, Kevin left the band and Stacey Campbell joined up. The rest is, "unwritten", but the plan is to tour Europe & the U.S.

One of the most popular Darkwave bands on the planet, the Crüxshadows started in the early 1990's in a little town in North Florida. Numerous lineup changes over the years have not slowed down the quartet. Touring the United States extensively from Coast to Coast, they have played hundreds of shows to American Audiences in the last few years. In the Spring of 2001, the Crüxshadows began touring Europe and have since played over 75 shows abroad, in countries like Norway, Scotland, Ireland, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain. In the Spring of 2002, the Crüxshadows saw the single Tears camp at #2 on the Deutsch Alternative Charts, and their European festival shows have drawn audiences as large as 10,000 people to a Crüxshadows performance.  This summer(2002) they release their 5th full length recording, Wishfire. A blend of new wave, gothic, and electronica, the bands unique and often catchy songs have become staples of the darkwave, ebm, and electro-alternative scene. Their song Leave Me Alone is the all time highest charting "goth" song on, having moved into the mainstream top 10 for a short time. Eurydice, has spent over 2 years in the top 40 New Wave charts of Their song Deception, originally part of the Vampire the masquerade, Music from the Succubus club disc, has been recorded in both English and German, and joins Marilyn, My Bitterness as one of the bands most popular songs. Collaborations with other artists like Apoptygma Berzerk, Fictional, and many others, have only served to maintain a strong club presence.  But the bands sound transcends the realm of dance or club music. The rich and romantic flavor of the electric violin played by Rachel McDonnell, and the crunchy and sometimes biting guitar playing of Stacey Campbell, give the Crüxshadows a wide berth of musical possibilities. This juxtaposed with the cold digital world of textures created by Chris Brantley, and the moody musings of front man, founder, and lead singer Rogue, guarantee that this band is anything but typical. With 5 albums, 2 eps, and more compilation appearances than you can shake a stick at, the Crüxshadows have made themselves synonymous with a new breed of electro-goth music, currently becoming popular. Their energy and intensity on stage led them to be called "the best live band in Europe today" by the host of Hamburg's Crazy Clip Show. If you have an opportunity to see them live, don't pass it up. In 2002 the band received tour sponsorship from XtraX fashions, Zillo Magazine, and Orkus Magazine, and continues to make their presence known. They have won the 2001 best "revelations" band award, and have been played in heavy rotation on college and internet radio. The Crüxshadows have performed with bands like The Cure, Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Mesh, Das Ich, Icon of Coil, Psyche, Clan of Xymox, Project Pitchfork, The Mission, Bella Morte, and many, many more. With no signs of slowing, expect to see the Crüxshadows dominate the planet before it's gone. Members and former members include: Rogue (vocals, songwriting), Chris Brantley (Keyboards), Rachel McDonnell (violin and keyboards), Stacey Campbell (guitars), Sean Flanagan (former keyboard player), Tim curry (former guitar player), Trevor Brown (former keyboard player), and Kevin Page (former guitar player).