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Welcome to the page for Anime Tab Recordings

These are RECORDINGS of me playing a song based on a Tablature and is not guaranteed or intended to be an 100% accurate or (in other words) any sort of copy of the original, copyrighted song. It is more of an individuals interpertation of the song. Therefore, there are no laws being broken. Think of it as midi..

Sorry for any mess ups (hey, I make mistakes when I play sometimes too)

these recordings are to be used in conjunction with:


On a little side note; if you click on the DOWNLOAD, then your computer will mostlikely begin to play the song while downloading (AKA Streaming audio).

Most likely, you would want to right click and go to "save as..." to save the file. At least; that's what I recommend.
         anime etc. (artist)- song title          description          length          download
Chrono Cross- Dream Fragments (w/ capo) Whole Tab 1:01 [ DOWNLOAD]
Do As Infinity- Oasis Verse, Prechorus, Chorus 1:24 [ DOWNLOAD]
Solo :27 [ DOWNLOAD]
Dragonball GT- Dan Dan Verse, Prechorus, Chorus 1:27 [ DOWNLOAD]
FLCL- Come Down Whole Tab 1:01 [ DOWNLOAD]
FLCL- Ride on a Shooting Star Intro :14 [ DOWNLOAD]
Naruto- Rise the Fighting Spirit Whole Song 1:17 [ DOWNLOAD]
         other.... (original stuff)
Instrumental 2 This really SWEET! solo instrumental; more improv 2:43 [ DOWNLOAD]
Love I wrote this in about 10 minutes... listen very closely to the first second (what is that?!?!) 3:24 [ DOWNLOAD]
Alice (One Last Time) Boy likes girl. Girls like boy. Girls parents HATE boy. 4:36 [ DOWNLOAD]
Atticus Kinda hard to understand but I like the lyrics... 2:24 [ DOWNLOAD]
Control My personal punk anthem 1:38 [ DOWNLOAD]
C'mon Dad IMO, a pretty funny song. I sang it at school and the teacher took the mic away from me when I was done :58 [ DOWNLOAD]
Final Fantasy VIII- Eyes one Me (written by me) I wrote this based on the song First Verse :43 [ DOWNLOAD]
No Feeling Same old Same Old... I wrote this one in math class and when I got home I recorded it (sorry for mistakes or whatnot) 3:31 [ DOWNLOAD]
Not the One heheheh... 2:15 [ DOWNLOAD]
Reflection I wrote this after I realized that me and this one girl just weren't made for eachother 3:05 [ DOWNLOAD]
My mom yelling at me about the guitar random, I know :05 [ DOWNLOAD]

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