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- - Synthetic Pleasures - -

Saturday, 8 May 2004

Fuck it..
Ehh..Yeah, I just saw Van Helsing..It was really good..Sad ending -tear- Eh yea, My dad turned off my computer because he is a FUCKING CUNT! Fuck, I hate him so much..My moms being a bitch too..But I have to be nice to her tomorrow because its "Mother's Day"..Hah, yea whatever..I can't stop thinking about this..I can't post it, that particular person will find out eventually..Eh, I guess I'll just keep daydreaming..

Posted by goth2/syntheticpleasures at 4:22 PM
Updated: Saturday, 8 May 2004 4:26 PM
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Uhh..Yeah, I went to the mall yesterday...It was kinda fun. I was there with Brandy, then we saw Vanessa and Nikki, so we hung out with them. Then I saw Craig..He avoided me, even though he said we can still be friends..Oh well, shit happens. Today, I'm going to the movies. I still don't know what time the movie is showing, I gotta check it out. Yeah..I've got a feeling that this summer is gonna be really boring..Tuesday, I gotta go back to Votech, I have to get my scheduling all done..That shouldn't be fun, but, atleast I get to miss some of my classes at Lenape. I left my guitar at school..I wanted to practice, but oh well..It would have been kinda hard to since I changed the strings..I hate tuning. Uh, I've got nothing else to say, I'll update tomorrow if anything exciting in my life happens, which I doubt..

Posted by goth2/syntheticpleasures at 2:00 AM
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Thursday, 6 May 2004

Digitally Stitched
Heh..Yeah, this is my first time writing on this. So, I guess this is where I have to type about my daily experiences..Uh, today was just the same like any other..Went to school..Came back..Tomorrow I'm going to the mall with Brandy, and meeting EJ, Steven, and other people there. Saturday, I'm going to see Van Helsing..With Brandy,and Morgan, and others. I've got nothing else to say..I'll update tomorrow..

Posted by goth2/syntheticpleasures at 1:31 PM
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