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The Insane Diaries of Spooky Alice

June 11, 1864:::: I just couldn't figure it out. Where was the way left? All it was was dense brush. I tried to get through it. Instead, it felt like I hit a wall. hmmm... How come I can't go left? I plopped down on the ground and looked at the mass of the wan, particularly at the dick protruding out of his ass. Wait...what did the voice say? Head left...perhaps, just maybe....I pulled the dick out of his ass. He let a jolt out; the dick was bloody and shitty, but that didn't matter to me...I licked it a little...slowly more and more until it was in my mouth. And as I sucked, a clearing opened. Remarkable what laws this place has. I walked down the path, dick in hand. The forest began to get darker and darker until there was no more life surrounding me. The trees were long dead, no fish of any sort, even the sky looked dead, if that's possible. All that sounded alive was a growling coming from behind me. Growling? I spun around to see the most hideous creature I could have imagined. I refuse to explain what this monstrosity looked like, for only the imagination could create such things, no words would ever fit. I figured, it being the only living thing, that it must be the Jabberwock. I moved forward. It lunged on me. I began to wrestle with it, but without any luck, so I made a last resort. I managed to spin around under him so his balls were in my face. I bit hard, swalling the balls, and he let out a yelp that could only mean one thing: the Jabberwock had(note the word had) a weakness. I took this moment to pull out my ripper and stab him. He stopped fighting me. I got up and began to drag his dead carcass. I screamed out, "I've done your bidding, now show yourself!" But the only answer I got was that of a pair of strange yellow eyes among the trees...:::PS I found my "lollipop" somewhere in the dirt. I think I'll continue sucking. PPS Looks like the jabberwock was interestingly spade. :::: From the Insane Diaries of Spooky Alice

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