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Spaz Punk

Nicknames: Nic, Nicki, Spaz, Punk, Hottie, Yoohoo, Sexy, Baby Girl Location: Coon Rapids, MN Status: Taken! He's the most AMAZING, fun, caring, sensitive, CUDDLY, creative, sweetest, cutest, smartest, wildest, craziest, zaniest guy imaginable!! And, his sense of humor is incredible!! Oh, his name is Dustin. (Sux for you, Dan- he's helluva lot better than you ever were!!!!!!) Personality: B*tchy, hyper, SPAZtaztic (tend to freak out a lot), VERY sick-minded, emotional, wild, crazy Occupation: Senior @ CRHS, work part-time @ Mickey D's. Look-like: 5'6, 135 lbs., medium length deep red hair, hazel eyes... I also work out, so I gotz muskles!! (aka muscles) Style/stores: Punk-goth. Hot Topic, Ragstock, and Down in the Valley are the main stores I shop at. Hobbies: Talken on the phone, hangen on-line, shopping (esp. @ the stores above), shouting to (hanging out with) my friends and Dustin, causing trubble (J/K Mom!!)...


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