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At an apparent age of no more than sixteen, XTina is athletically built, stands at a height of five feet and appears to weigh roughly one hundred fifteen pounds. There's a feline look to her features: pierced cat-like ears, playful blue slitted feline eyes that glow unnatural, and her fangs permanently peek from between her soft pink lips; long black painted claws accent this appearance. Her long wild jet-black and platinum blonde hair is usually worn drawn into a mohawk that ends in two long braids that drape over her shoulders; her bangs are long enough to be braided and pulled into tail in back, forming the base of the mohawk at the sides. Dressed in clothes that no respectful mother would allowher daughter to wear that consists of black fingerless "mistress" gloves of nylon fishnet, black stockingings of nylon fishnet that peek above her calf high combat boots, black leather miniskirt and a black mid-drift skull and cross-bone tshirt that is cut apart at the neck line and is safety-pinned together at the bottom - this arrangement obviously revelas much of her overdeveloped cleavage. Strapped to the small of her back is a bundle pack made of black seude; an ornate blade is sheathed and strapped to the outside of her left boot; what appears to be some type of large fang is worn around her, attached to a sturdy leather cord. She carries a brass quarter-staff that is ornamented at the top with a small brass ram skull; runes and other symbols are carved into the surface of the staff's shaft. Though there's a predatory look about her, she has a a saint-like quality that is hard to pinpoint but cannot be denied. [Merit: Sanctity. Flaws: Permanent Fangs & Glowing Eyes]