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You are the children of Shadow. You are the sons and daughters of Darkness. Seek the darkest place. Make it your own. Feed on the wicked, feed on the sinful. Feed on the ugly souls. For such is our diet, such is our Father's wish, our pre-ordained meal.

My childer, look not at your visage to curse me, for I know the beauty that lies within, and no greater beauty will there ever be.

Nosferat's Words ~The Book Of Nod


Vanessa has a wirey build that belies hidden strength; she is five feet in height annd weights roughly one hundred ten pounds. Dreadfully repulsive in appearance her cold blue eyes are sunken deep in their sockets, almost lost in the shadows created therein; pitch hued hair is found in small clumps upon her balding head; her skin is jaundiced, thick, wrinkled, saggy and scaley; a nasty gash is found where her mouth should be and this tooth-filled orifice displays her enormous snaggly tusk-like fangs. Her gown and boots are filthy and tattered. Several of her unnaturally long and spidery fingers are ornamented with silver bands that are engraved with Cainite lore. There's a pronounced limp to her stride, forcing her to walk with a lady's cane that conceals a small slender bladed sword. [Merits: Long Fingers, Oversized Fangs, Gaping Maw, Tough Hide. Flaw: Lame]

I maybe a hideous monster that stalks the earth at night. I may also be the one that haunts the earth's underbelly and wallows in the muck that the noble ones do not want, the filth they pour down their drains and the runoff that they leave behind because they can't be bothered to cleanup after themselves. They are wasteful, proud and foolish, and they have the gall to look down their noses at me? This refuse holds scraps of awful, dirty secrets that the noble ones wish to bury ... secrets that could topple the noble ones from their high thrones if they were ever found out ... and I am the one that picks up these scraps and gather them together. These secrets are available to anyone for a price.

He who sought to hide his monstrous deeds Shall become monstrous in visage, and doomed to dwell in offal and darkness.
 Caine's Curse Upon Nosferat and His Progeny ~ The Erciyes Fragments


A pale splendor with a wirey build that belies hidden strength, Vanessa is five feet in height annd weights roughly one hundred ten pounds. She has cold blue eyes; spikey pitch hued hair is cropped stylishly short; her alabaster skin is silky smooth; her playfully petite lips are painted a blackish crimson. She's seductively dressed much like a French callgirl: a red silk gown, that comes to just above her knees, overlayed with black lace that is slightly longer than than the gown in the front and trains out in length at the back, her neatly shaved legs are bare under the gown and she wears eloquent black boots. Vanessa is a picture of exotic beauty but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and her atractiveness is only a mask of her true self.