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Nickname: Usurers

Basic Abilities

Assessment: The wraith can gauge the relative levels of life and death within an individual. Careful scrutiny can reveal some idea of the person's relative Stamina, Health or Corpus. Wounds appear as vivid black slashes in the person's form, and the observer can estimate their severity. The wraith may also perceive life energy in general within a specific area.

System: The player rolls Perception + Usury (difficulty 6). The more successes on the roll, the more accurate the Assessment.


The wraith may transfer Pathos between herself and another wraith. She may lend her Pathos to the subject, or steal her victim's Pathos away. This transferal is always visible to onlookers as a vivid halo around the wraith receiving the Pathos.

System: The player must roll Manipulation + Usury. If the wraith is donating Pathos to her subject, the difficulty is her client's current Pathos score. If stealing Pathos, the difficulty equals her target's Willpower. The number of successes equals the amount of Pathos that may be transferred.

When stealing Pathos, this art grants a temporary Angst.

((Webmaster's Note: In my personal opinion is that if you are stealing Pathos from a willing subject, there should be no Angst gain. This is not covered in the book, but this would be my suggestion.))

Charitable Trust

By infusing a mortal or wraith with his own Corpus, a wraith may heal wounds. The wraith breathes out his Corpus into his target. This art can even be used on mortal's without using any other Arcanos to manifest..

System: The player rolls Stamina + Usury. The difficulty equals his subject's current Corpus or Health Levels. The wraith may transfer one Corpus Level for each success on this roll.

This art costs 1 Pathos per use.

Early Withdrawal

The reverse of Charitable Trust, this art allows a wraith to steal another person's life energy with but a touch.

System: Once the wraith is in contact with her prey, she rolls Manipulation + Usury (difficulty of the victim's Willpower). Each success steals a Health or Corpus Level; the victim marks off the levels on his sheet while the Usurer adds them to her's. The wraith may only use this art as long as she is below her maximum Corpus; if she is unharmed, she has no place to "put" any stolen Corpus unless she possesses the Exchange Rate art (below).

This art gives the Usurer a temporary Angst point.

Exchange Rate

Any wraith may covert Pathos to Corpus Levels. Wraiths who know this art may do the opposite, transforming their Corpus Levels into Pathos. They may simply convert their own Corpus, or use this art along with Early Withdrawal (above).

System: Each success on an Intelligence + Usury roll (difficulty 6) allows one Corpus Level to be converted into Pathos. There is a cost of one Pathos for each time this art is used, sort of a metaphysical transaction fee.


This art allows a wraith to pour Corpus and/or Pathos into a relic, storing it for future use. The wraith must focus on the relic in question, channeling and carefully sealing his energy into. The energy may then be accessed by anyone who know the seal's gesture or command phrase.

System: The player spends 2 Pathos, then marks of the number or Pathos or Corpus points that he wishes to invest. Each success on an Intelligence + Usury roll (difficulty 7) invests one point (up to the set limit) into the relic. All excess points "gambled" are lost. To seal the points in place, the wraith must spend a Willpower point and assign a command phrase or gesture to "unlock" the stored reserve. A given relic may only store or type of energy. This art is the means by which soulfire crystals are created and maintained.