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These Merits and Flaws deal not only with the Underworld society, but also with the relationships (good and bad) that wraiths can develop with residents of the mortal world.

Heretic Boon: (1-3 point Merit)

The members of a given Heretical Cult rewarded your with a boon for aid rendered. The power in this depends on the level taken and may be used for a number of things (with Storyteller permission). If you get greedy or abuse their trust, they have ever right to revoke it. While lower levels may grant you entrance to a Haunt to attend a meeting, higher levels may give you access to the resources of the Cult.

Hierarchy Boon: (1-4 point Merit)

You received a boon from the higher powers of the Hierarchy in exchange for some sort of assistance. This reads as a sort of blank check and may be used for various favors depending on the level, either a "Spend a night free" or lifetime immunity. Don't abuse it, or it may very well be revoked. This Merit can range from one to four points, with lower levels granting safe passage through Hierarchy controlled areas and higher levels even allowing you to carry darksteel legally.

Renegade Boon: (1-3 point Merit)

You have somehow earned a boon from a certain group of Renegades. The level of this Merit determines the power and utility of the boon. Lower levels of this Merit can get you small favors or safe passage from the Renegades; three points may well reflect a favor that the entire Gang must repay As with the other boons, abuse of this Merit may well result in it being revoked.

Mortal Companion: (2 point Merit)

You maintain close ties with a mortal, either through Fetters or by chance friendship. This could be a medium whose seance you attended, or a parapsychologist you're assisting in research. In most cases you will want to be attuned to this mortal, though you will still have to go through the process of attunement normally. Of course, this friend may well prove to be a liability when enemies attempt to use your friendship as a threat or bargaining chip against you.

Reputation: (2 point Merit)

You have a good reputation among the wraiths of either the Hierarchy, Heretic or Renegade factions. It may be your reputation, or derived from your Mentor. Add three dice to any Dice Pools involving social dealings with others of the faction. A wraith with this Merit may not take the Flaw: Notoriety.

Werewolf/Vampire/Mage/Changling Companion: (3 point Merit)

You have a friend and ally who just happens to be a supernatural creature, such as a vampire, werewolf, mage or changling. Though you may call on this being in the time of need, she also has the right to call upon you - after all, you are friends. Neither your kind nor hers appreciate such a relationship; while wraiths deal with other supernatural beings on a regular basis, all sides share a healthy distrust of each other. Your friend will not become a walking Pathos battery for greedy wraiths. Such relationships often end badly.... The Storyteller will create the character in question, and will not reveal its full powers and potencies.

Psychic Ally: (4 point Merit)

Someone you knew in life is "sensitive" to your presence, and can tell when you are near, even in the Shadowlands. this person does not suffer from the Fog where you are concerned (though the normal penalties apply for other wraiths), can communicate with you and could likely be of assistance to you in numerous ways. However, you must also watch out for this person, as any enemies you make in the Shadowlands might with to see him suffer for aiding you.

Enemy: (1-5 point Flaw)

Sometime in your life, or after your death for that matter, you offended an unknown being with the power to cause you grief. This entity could be an enlightened mortal, a vampire, a mage, or even a demon. whatever the case, you now have to deal with the being's manipulations and attempts to cause you harm. These attempts can range from minor inconveniences all the way to attempts to help your Shadow gain dominance and sending Spectres after you. You may not even know just what it is that is going out of its way to hurt you. You and the Storyteller should discuss the severity of your enemy's hatred and whether or not you are aware of what is pursuing you. The Storyteller awards the Freebie points for this Flaw.

Twisted Apprenticeship: (1 point Flaw)

Your Reaper was quite malevolent and taught you all the wrong things about wraith society. Your concepts of Circle politics are all wrong, and your faulty beliefs are likely to get you into a great deal of trouble. Over time, after many hard lessons, you can overcome this bad start (and the Storyteller will tell you when). But until then, you will continue to believe what you were first told, no matter how others try to "trick" you into thinking otherwise.

Notoriety: (3 point Flaw)

You have a bad reputation among your peers; perhaps you violated Charon's Code once too often, or belong to an unpopular Circle. There is a two dice penalty to all dice rolls for social dealings with associated wraiths. A character with this Flaw may not take the Merit: Reputation.