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The historical records of Central State Hospital of Indiana from its founding until it closing of use can be found at the following sites: Central State Hospital Home Page and Central State Hospital, Indiana (Historic Asylums).

The Seven Steeples complex is vast and includes nearly a dozen individual buildings, some of which are note-worthy:
1] A power plant that functions as the complex's main source power.
2] The main building which acts as a common gathering place for the Sect and offices of the Diocese.
3] Both of a men's and women's dormatories which now act as communal havens for those Swords of Caine that wish such accomodations.
4] The chapel which acts as the Sect's main temple. Sermons of Caine and other Ritae take place here when it concerns the whole of the sect.
5] The sick hospital building which the Archbishop has outfitted the storage area of to serve as a small armoury for the Sword of Caine.
All of the windows in the buildings that are in use by the Sword of caine have bricked over on the inside, leaving the windows intact and visible from the outside. This precaution was done to better suit those that use the facility.

A new addition to the complex can not be seen from above ground. The Archbishop had an elaborate system of catacombs dug under the complex. These catacombs are accessed from every building of the complex and stretch along under ground to several outlaying graveyards.

The physical defenses of the Seven Steeples include, but are not limited to, the following: packs of Hell Hounds [use statistics found in Guide to the Sabbat, page 219], packs of Szlachta [use statistics found in Ghouls: Fatal Addiction, page 102-103] and a couple of Vozhd [use statistics found in Ghouls: Fatal Addiction, page 103] .

The mystical defenses of the Seven Steeples include, but are not limited to, the following: Ward Versus Ghouls, Ward Versus Lupines, Ward Versus Kindred, Ward Versus Vitae, Ward Versus Spirits, Ward Versus Ghosts.