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These Merits and Flaws are different kinds of supernatural benefits or detriments. Though rare, they are far more common among wraiths - who alter reality by their very presence - than among other beings. Because of the potential of these particular Traits, the Storyteller might not allow you to pick from this category; ask before you choose one. Furthermore, you should not select such Traits unless they firmly fit your character concept, and you can explain why your character possesses them. In general, we do not recommend that anyone have more than one or two supernatural Merits or Flaws - they should be strictly controlled by the Storyteller.

Tomb (1-2 Point Merit)

Some people still bury or entomb the dead with all sorts of relics and goods which are supposed to be useful in the afterlife. Fortunately, you believed in this and have a tomb full of relics to carry with you into the afterlife. A one-point tomb usually contains small personal items like bowls, dishes, utensils, and perhaps a weapon of some sort. A two-point tomb is more like the grand rooms of the Pharoahs where all sorts of unusual and elaborate goods are stacked together in neat rows.

True Love (1 Point Merit)

You have discovered, and possibly lost (at least temporarily) a true love. Nonetheless, this love provides joy in a torrid existence, usually devoid of such enlightened emotions. Whenever you are suffering, in danger, or dejected, the thought of your true love is enough to give you the strength to persevere. In game terms, this love allows you to succeed automatically on any Willpower roll, but only when you are actively striving to protect or come closer to your true love. Also, the power of you love may be powerful enough to protect you from other supernatural forces (Storyteller's discretion). However, your true love may also be a hindrance and require aid (or even rescue) from time to time. Be forewarned: this is a most exacting Merit to play over the course of a chronicle. You may not take both this Merit and Other Half.

Unknown Fetter (1-5 Point Merit)

You have a strong connection to something or someone in a specific area, but you do not know what the connection is, or why the link exists. Something important has occurred in this place, or with this person or object, but no memory of why the Fetter is significant is available to you. You must discover what the link is before you can resolve the problem. Use of the Lifeweb Arcanos can locate the unknown Fetter, but Fatalism does not reveal the connection between you and your mysterious link to the Skinlands.

Cold (2 Point Merit)

Most haunted houses are frequented by cold spots, where the temperature drops suddenly and for no easily explainable reason. Your Corpus is very cold, cold enough to pierce the Shroud when a mortal walks near you. Most will shiver, feel very uncomfortable, and walk hurriedly away. Mortals like parapsychologists who know of col spots may recognize that there is a wraith nearby.

Danger Sense (2 Point Merit)

You have a sixth sense (-L- Pun) that warns you of danger. When you are in danger, the Storyteller should make a secret roll against your Perception + Alertness; the difficulty depends on the remoteness of the danger. If the roll succeeds, the Storyteller tells you that you have a sense of foreboding. Multiple successes may refine the feeling and give an indication of the direction, distance or nature.

Faerie Affinity (2 Point Merit)

Your presence does not frighten faeries; indeed, it attracts them, and you are naturally attuned to their ways. You may even share some small amount of faerie blood. Friendly fey might allow you to meditate at their circle once in a while (though gods only know what effect this might have in the long run...).

Past Life (2-6 Point Merit)

For some reason, you have lived more than one life before your incarnation as a wraith. While you most likely do not remember any of your former lives while you were alive, the knowledge of being several people floods your mind while in the Shadowlands. Each reincarnation that you have gives you two extra points of abilities from the experiences of that life, as well as an extra one-point Fetter. You and your Storyteller will need to work out a few details of your previous lives. All of these will be somewhat shadowy in memory and there may be some dark secrets lurking in your past. No wraith can have more than three past lives (two freebie points per life), and the Abilities chosen from each on cannot be fairly modern (Archery, Dead Languages, and the like are more appropriate).

Other Half (3 Point Merit)

A Greek Philosopher once theorized that each person is divided into two halves, and spends his entire life searching for their other half. One can find true happiness only by finding their other half. You have found your other half, whether a friend, lover, identical twin, or even a complete stranger. Though you are now a member of the Restless Dead, you still have a strong tie to your other half. You must choose that person as a Fetter, and all bonuses involving your other half are doubled. You can also regain one point of Corpus per hour by being close to your other half. Note: You may not take this and the True Love Merit.

Bright (4 Point Merit)

For some reason, the power of your emotion is strong enough to weaken the Shroud. The difficulty of any test involving piercing the Shroud is reduced by one. As well, mortals encountering you add one point to their Willpower score for the purpose of dealing with you. The unfortunate drawback of this Merit is that any mortal seeking wraiths will always choose you to harass over other spirits, and will gain the same one-point bonus when trying to seek you out.

Luck (4 Point Merit)

You were born lucky: your Eidolon guides your steps, or maybe the Devil looks after his own. Either way, you can repeat three failed rolls per story. Only one repeat attempt may be made on any single roll.

Weak Shadow (4 Point Merit)

Your Shadow is not as strong as most, and suffers a +2 difficulty in all attempts to become dominant. You are still susceptible to your Shadow's manipulations, but attempts to force you into submission are almost an exercise in futility. Your Shadow suffers a +1 difficulty in all attempts to gain Angst as well.

True Faith (7 Point Merit)

Pretty fuckin' long. Same as always... for more rules see Vampire Players Guide, Hunters Hunted, The Inquisition, or The Quick and the Dead...

Damned (1 Point Flaw)

Most people imagine death as a wonderful experience where you ascend to Valhalla, Nirvana, Heaven or perhaps rejoin the Dreamtime. Obviously, you didn't make it, and are cursed to wander this wretched Shadowlands and never reach your destination. You may not visit places of your old religion without losing temporary Willpower at a rate of one point for every minute of exposure. Touching a religious artifact from your former religion will drain a point of Corpus from you as you burn in agony.

Cursed (1-5 Point Flaw)

Same as in V:tM Core.

Improperly Buried (1 Point Flaw)

According to your belief, you were improperly buried. Perhaps you were turned face down in your coffin, not buried on consecrated ground, or possibly you died without last rites from your priest or family. Maybe someone desecrated your grave by building a subdivision over it. Whatever the cause, you will feel unease until it is set right. You must choose your own original physical body as a Fetter. Unlike most Fetters, you receive no bonuses or Pathos when dealing with this Fetter. Instead, the difficulty of any action while trying to resolve or deal with this Fetter is increased by one. Someone possessing a part of your corpse may therefore use this as a talisman of sorts against you by threatening to destroy the body part.

The Bard's Tongue (1 Point Flaw)

You speak the truth, uncannily so. Things you say tend to come true. This is not a facility for blessing or cursing, or an art controlled by Fatalism. However, at least once per story, an uncomfortable truth regarding any current situation will appear in your head and come out your lips. To avoid speaking prophecy, the owner of this 'gift' must expend a Willpower point and take a wound level from the strain of resisting (especially if he bites a hole in his tongue).

Throwback (1-5 Point Flaw)

One or more of your past lives still affects you...badly. Their fears come back to haunt you in your dreams, and you have flashbacks of their worst memories (such as their death, or even worse a personality that encroaches on your own). For bad dreams or flashbacks, take one to two points, depending on the severity of the condition and how much it will affect your studies of performance in dangerous situations. For a "roommate in your head," take three points (whether you know he exists or not). For the package deal and a truly miserable existence, take five point, but expect the Storyteller to take every opportunity to use these against you. This flaw can be "worked off" during the course of play, but only with difficulty.

Time Cycle (1-5 Point Flaw)

You suffer from increased difficulty in entering the realms of the living. The Shroud is normally harder for you to penetrate (+1 to +4). At certain times the difficulty penalty is removed, and you can affect the Quick with the same ease as other wraiths. The times when you can move through the Shroud more easily are directly linked to a certain hour, day, or even phase of the moon. The Storyteller must approve your decision, and a logical reason for this penalty must exist.

Echoes (2-5 Point Flaw)

You are susceptible to the old wive's tales about how best to handle ghostly visitations: Salt can stop you from entering a home, and you cannot cross running water, or animals react strongly to your presence and you are drawn to open flames. Even the Wards of cynics work against you. Whenever you go, you leave an ectoplasmic residue and every sound you make is easily recorded on tapes, your image appears in photographs taken when you are in the vicinity. This flaw can cause great difficulties, including punishment for breaking the Dictum Mortem. Additionally, the flaw changes depending on the belief systems of any area you are visiting. Being familiar with the belief systems of any area you pass through is almost a necessity if you wish to avoid trouble.

Bound (3 point Flaw)

Whether because of your own belief, or because of something not known to wraithkind, you are forces to remain in one place. You must stay near or within the place to which you are bound, and cannot get more than 100 yards from it. You must also choose that place a s a Fetter, but can leave once the Fetter is resolved. Upon resolving your Fetter, you need not give back the points from the Flaw. Because of the heavy changes this Flaw can cause to story plots, you cannot take it without the permission of your Storyteller.

Disembodied Shadow (3 Point Flaw)

Your Shadow can exist outside of your physical body, often in the form of small animals. To talk to your Shadow, you must speak aloud. Only you can see it, but it does have some form. Your Shadow has a single point of Strength which it can use to manipulate objects in the Shadowlands. It cannot do much more than push someone or move small objects of up to five pounds, but it can be quite active at times.

Easily Sensed (3 Point Flaw)

For some reason, your presence in the Shadowlands causes the Quick discomfort when you are near them. Wherever you go the living notice you, and the more alert among them can actually see you and fall subject to the Fog. Places that you normally frequent become known to the living as haunted, and you have a reputation building rapidly about what you are and who you were. Unwanted attention can bring hunters, and even cause the Arcanum to take notice of you. It is likely that sooner or later an exorcist will be brought around to "cleanse" the areas you frequent of their taint. While the Quick can take note of your presence with more ease, the Shroud is unaltered with one exception: Practitioners of the Embody Arcanos receive a -2 difficulty against local Shroud rating when using the Whispers and Phantom arts, but gain no other bonuses. The odd emanations from your body are noticed in the Tempest as well, and spending too much time in any location can actually cause Nihils to form as the barrier between the Tempest and the Shadowlands gradually weakens. Constant travel is necessary to avoid the formation of Nihils. For this reason alone you are not very popular with the local wraiths.

Umbral Connection (3 Point Flaw)

A wraith with this Flaw has an unusual connection to what werewolves call the Umbra. Consequently, any rituals or powers that the Garou can use to compel or bind spirits will work just as well against the unfortunate wraith. Tales are told of wraiths with this Flaw being bound into mystical fetishes, only to have their Pathos and Corpus stripped away to fuel the magical power of the object. Since wraiths connected to the Umbra are not common, any spirit-locating powers a werewolf calls on in your area will likely target you. This can be horribly dangerous.

Dark Fate (5 Point Flaw)

Same as V:tM 3rd ed. Core.