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Status represents a wraith's social standing within one or more of the major social groups of the Underworld: the Hierarchy, Heretics and Renegades. To possess Status implies that one has earned the group's respect through demonstrating loyalty to the ideals of the group. With beginning characters, Status can mean that one of these three factions has marked the character for recruitment and will pressure him to join.

It is possible to have more than one Status Background, reflecting Status within two or more seperate groups.

Familiar - The group members are familiar with your name and face, although you are still not trusted with secret information or responsibility.

Proven - You have proved yourself to the group members, and they trust you to a certain extent. The group's leaders haven't yet heard of you.

Respected - You are respected by the group's members and have earned the attention of the local leaders of the group. Still, you are not yet in the inner circle's trust.

Trusted - You are trusted by the leaders of the group and are regularly given secrets and information. Although a few group members may still doubt your sincerity, no one is willing to voice them.

Loyal - You have proved yourself loyal to the group. The other group members trust you without question, and the group leaders have no qualms about revealing potentially damaging information to you. From time to time, you will be trusted with secret duties and/or given special equipment and aid.