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A beauty in life, Stacy remains so in undead exsistance. Silk-smooth, pale-toned skin shows bred elegance while the distant gaze of her soft emerald eyes reflects the hauntingly warm playfulness of shattered young adulthood. Her waist length redish brown hair is pulled into a tasteful eloquent bun. She's dressed in a polonaise style which is the height of fashion: taffeta in black and red - the body is fully lined with black polished cotton - the skirt is very simply made of black brocade. She also wears black leather gloves and boots, as is common for most ladies. She carries a wicked scythe.


When Stacy's darker side, the Shadow, is dominant, she appears as a figure shrouded in a tattered cowled black robe. Pinpoints of crimson gaze wrathfully out of the darkened eye-holes of a twistedly grotesque skeletal ivory mask. Carrying a wicked scythe, she's the image of the Grim reaper.