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This Discipline comes from the spiritual forces existing in nature. The Ahrimanes learned this from Native American shamans. The Discipline is highly versatile, giving Ahrimanes a strong edge over other Kindred in the wilderness.

Speak with Spirits

The Ahrimane can speak to nearby spirits for the duration of the scene. This will not change the spirit's reaction to the Ahrimane. The Ahrimane communicates telepathically with the spirit.

System: The speaker rolls Wits + Linguistics (difficulty 6). Every success allows the speaker to communicate with whatever spirits are around for another turn. Of course, this does not require spirits to respond.

Summon Spirit Beasts

The Ahrimane can call on the spirits of dead animals to aid them. They will be predisposed to helping the caller, and follow simple telepathic com mends. The spirits can take any actions they were capable of in normal life.

System: The summoner must roll Charisma + Animal Ken (difficulty 7). Every success allows the animal to remain corporeal for a longer period of time:

1 Success One Turn

2 Successes Five Turns

3 Successes One Hour

4 Successes One Night

5 Successes One Week

These spirits have the same number of Health Levels they possessed in life. They return to the spirit world if they are Incapacitated in combat.

Aspect of the Beast

The Ahrimane can gain powers similar to those possessed by animals by calling on the spirit of that particular animal to grant her the power.

System: The Ahrimane must make a Manipulation + Occult roll (difficulty of 7) and spend a Blood Point to gain the power. The power lasts for one turn per success. Even if the spirit fails to grant the spirit power, the vampire must still expend the Blood Point. Here are some of the possible spirit powers:

Falcon's Eye - The Ahrimane can see great distances as if she had the eyes of a falcon.

Sounds of the Cricket - This grants the power to produce an annoying, grating sound loud enough to deafen those nearby for a few hours.

Swiftness of the Stag - The Ahrimane can move at twice her normal running speed.

Strength of the Bear - This gives the Ahrimane two extra levels of Strength.

Ferocity of the Cougar - All Morale rolls are made at one less difficulty.

Beaver's Bite - This makes the Ahrimane's bite strong and sharp enough to cut through almost any substance.

Serpent's Venom - The Ahrimane's bite transmits a venomous toxin that causes two Health levels of damage in living victims per turn. The damage continues until the toxin is removed or nullified or until the Ahrimane's spirit power ends.

Chameleon's Colors - The Ahrimane becomes a chameleon, capable of changing color to suit the environment.

Leapfrog - This grants the Ahrimane the ability to leap three times her normal height and distance.

Ears of the Hare - The Ahrimane can hear as well as a rabbit, reducing the difficutly of Perception rolls involving hearing by two.

Nose of the hound - The Ahrimane's sense of smell is far greater than that of a mortal. She can even track by scent with on a Perception + Survival roll [difficulty set by Storyteller].

Squirrel Balance - The Ahrimane can move about in the branches and limbs of trees or across tightropes with little fear of falling. All such Athletics rolls have their difficulties decreased by two.

Engling Fury

This power allows an Ahrimane to use an animal spirit to replenish his Willpower. This destroys the spirit, however.

System: The character rolls Manipulation + Intimida tion (difficulty 8). Every success allows him to regain a point of Willpower; each use of this power destroys another spirit.

The Wildebeest

The Ahrimane has the power to take on a feral state, granting her special physical powers. She also takes on a more catlike appearance, and animals react poorly to this shape.

System: The change is automatic and raises the vampire's Strength by 3 and Dexterity and Stamina by 2. Appearance goes to 0 and Manipulation is reduced by 3. The vampire's claws and fangs cause an extra die of damage. Smelling, hearing, and night vision improve to roughly twice normal.