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Athletically built and ferally seductive, Sorrow stands at a height of five and a half feet and appears to weigh roughly one hundred thirty-five pounds. There's a feline look to her features: pierced cat-like ears, slitted feline eyes of goldish amber that glow, and her mouth has a slight look of a cougar's muzzle that proudly displays her fangs; long claws accent this appearance. Her long blonde hair is worn in a loose bun with strands of curls laying teasingly against the nape of her neck. She wears a corset gown of green taffeta and black silk lace and a pair of black leather boots. She carries, strapped around her wrist, a draw-string pouch-purse made of the same colored materials as her gown; an ornate blade is sheathed and strapped to her left calf while a small pistol is strapped to her other calf; around her neck is worn a small blood colored ruby attached to a sturdy silver chain, the ruby appearing to have a swirling mist in its heart; and wrapped around her left wrist is a silver and onyx rosary.. She walks with a lady's walking-cane made of iron wood that is capped and tipped with brass; runes and other symbols are carved into the surface of the cane's shaft. Though there's a predatory look about her, she has a a saint-like quality that is hard to pinpoint but cannot be denied. [Merit: Sanctity. Flaws: Permanent Fangs & Glowing Eyes]