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In the singing, shattered midnight
By the coral sands of time
Through the bloody gates of heaven
Past the sentries in my mind

Bring about the change so quickly
Bring about the terror's night
Bring about tbe blood of lovers
Bring about the smell of fright

I see you watching where I walk
Through the moonlit jasmine field
Listen closely as I talk
About the stars and their lovers past

Past fields of poppies burning bright
Into towers of Blackened Bone
Follow me, Bastard of Caine,
Come with me. I have no home.

As I drain your life's blood sweetly
As you sigh into my warm hands
As I suck your madness neatly
Streaming down like crimson sands

I dance the dance of the fool
And pray you find me mad
For if you lay hands upon the root
You'll know me, without illusion
And find me guilty of the truth

Malkav's Words ~The Book Of Nod

R.M. Renfield has a wirey build that belies hidden strength; she stands just at five feet in height and her weight is roughly one hundred ten pounds. Her soft hazel eyes are wide with the hint of psychosis that is reflected in the unemotional set of her deep-crimson lips. Her pitch hued hair is cut short in the bangs and remains long in the back and sides, which are pulled into lose tail that displays her curls. Her dress is that of a lady of the night: black gown that laces at breasts with red ribon and fastens with silver buttons just below there; the hem of her gown is fashoined to reveal her black net stockings and black boots; both of her hands are covered by fingerless lace gloves. She wears an ornate tiered choker of silver and onyx around her neck, bracelets of onyx rest around left wrist and several of her fingers are ornamented with silver bands that are engraved with Cainite lore. She walks with a lady's cane that conceals a small slender bladed sword. She seems to unemotionally disregard the fact that mortals are anxious and ill at ease in her presence due to their unconscious awareness of her undead nature; this reaction to her presence is coupled with a physical occurence of hers that even disturbs other Cainites: her cheeks are streaked from the blood that constantly seeps from her eyesockets.

Once upon a Time, there were seven blind bats. Or 13... I forget. Anyway, thert were a bit hungry for fresh blood, because they were Vampire Blind Bats, so they looked around for something to bite. Except they couldn't look around, as they were blind, which you should have realized already.

But their unerringly keen senses of smell led them to a plump, juicy, blood-filled elephant - which in this story stands for all of reality. Got it?

The Gangrel bat bumped into the tail and said, "Aha! This elephant is really a twitching animal! That is what I shall become!"

The Brujah broke his fangs trying to bite the hoof and said, "Aha! The elephant is like a hard, stony, insensate pestle that crushes all beneath it with pitiless abandon! That is what I shall become!"

The Nosferatu flew into the elephant's butt and said, "Aha! The elephant is really a wrinkled, stinky, puckered, desiccated mass that lives in a dank cave! That is what I shall become!"

The Tremere bit the head and said, "Aha! The elephant is really a puny little brain struggling to control a vast and powerful body! That is what I shall become!"

The Ventrue felt the legs and said, "Aha!The elephant is really a powerful, upstanding pillar that can bear all weight with strength, bt with very little suppleness or resilience! That is what I shall become!"

The Toreador felt the trunk and mouth and said, "Aha! The elephant is really a great, firm shaft or a warm, moist hole! That is what I shall become!"

And the Malkavian bat, blinder than all the rest, swooped down and managed to miss the entire elephant. "Aha!" said the benighted Malkavian, as it flapped past. "The others are making a huge fuss over an elephant that is really a big lot of nothing! Well, that is what I shall become!"

And so, I say unto you, flap on!

" Behold my most most foolish childe,
who claims madness for his
Let him become mad in truth, so
that all may fear his company. "
"Another was called Madness, and
as it struck the earth
I saw each gripped in fever
And those things in their blood
which were darkest
Gained in power a thousandfol
Until all human nature was
Each by his own curse, each washed
clean in his own blood."
 Excerpts ~ The Erciyes Fragments