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Let it be known that forthwith, the Sabbat exist as a free entity, though the price of that freedom comes in the form of the sacrifice of certain rights.

On this, the 19th of September, 1803, all Sabbat of good faith and conscience do hereby suspend all grievances with other Sabbat.

Any Sabbat found in open violation of this agreement - e.g., any Sabbat making open war on another for the purposes of his own betterment at the expense of the sect - is hereby declared forsaken, and may be hunted for the blood in his veins. Such abandonment must be pronounced by a duly recognized bishop, archbishop or other elder member of the sect.

In this we are united. In this we are Sabbat.


Regent Gorchist


Cardinal Radu Bistri

Priscus Livia Boleslav Czernzy

Archbishop Enrique Albertos Marquez

Bishop Federic Montaigne