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Nickname: Sandmen

Basic Abilities

Sleepsense: The wraith may watch a mortal's dreams, or tell where he is along his sleep cycle (of REM sleep, deep sleep and transition).

System: The player rolls Perception + Phantasm. The wraith may watch the mortal's dreams for one turn per success.


The wraith may gently take hold of a sleeper's soul, pulling it free without harming it. When the soul is loose, the wraith may carry it with her as she likes.

System: The player rolls Dexterity + Phantasm. The difficulty depends on the target's current sleep cycle: REM sleep (6), transitional sleep (7) or deep sleep (8). The mortal may remain in the dreamscape for one scene per success. Elysia may be used on subjects watching television or in a similar hypnotic state. However, the difficulty is 10, and the target may stay in the dreamscape for two fewer scenes (i.e., if the wraith rolls one or two successes, the Elysia attempt fails).

This art costs 1 Pathos.


The wraith may alter details of a mortal's dream. Say she enters a dream where the dreamer is surrounded by crocodiles in his grandfather's swimming pool. The wraith could remove the crocodiles or change them to sharks, change day to night, or transform the pool into a swamp. If she changes enough details, she can twist a pleasant dream into a nightmare or vice versa.

System: First, the Storyteller assigns a difficulty, based on the extent of the desired changes. The player rolls Manipulation + Phantasm; the change becomes more vivid and lasting for each success.

This art costs 2 Pathos.

Dreams of Sleep

The wraith may make other wraiths fall asleep and dream, just as if they were alive again.

System: The player need not rolls if the subject is willing. If he is unwilling, the player rolls Charisma + Phantasm (difficulty of the target's Willpower). The target may resist with an opposed Intelligence + Subterfuge roll

This art costs 1 Pathos.


The wraith may weave Pathos into illusions. Phantasmagoria affects all five senses, but the durations is limited. These illusions are only solid to other wraiths if she invests Corpus in them. If she Embodies, she can craft these illusions in the material world.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Phantasm (difficulty 6). The number of successes equals both the number of successes needed (on a Perception + Alertness roll) to see through an illusion and the number lasts of turns it lasts. The wraith must invest at least one Corpus Level to make the illusion quasi-material (and dangerous). The illusion can take as many Corpus Level of damages before being destroyed as the player is willing to invest. A wraith may not "heal" a damaged illusion; he must craft another one.

If the illusion is potentially damaging, the player may roll Dexterity + Phantasm (difficulty 7), inflicting one point of soakable damage per success.

Phantasmagoria costs 3 Pathos to activate, plus 1 Pathos per turn.


The wraith may directly rip a mortal's soul from her sleeping body. This is excruciatingly painful and often debilitating to the dreamer.

System: The player rolls Strength + Phantasm (difficulty 8). The number of successes indicates how many scenes the wraith may hold the dreamer's soul The dreamer also loses an equal number of Health Levels upon awakening. She may resist the wraith by rolling Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty 8), making this use a true struggle. Botch on either side are best left to the Storyteller's imagination.

Agon costs 3 Pathos, and the wraith's Shadow gains 2 Angst per use. Botching usually bestows more Angst