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Path of Blood [Assamite Antitribu Only]

Nickname: Dervishes

Ethics: * Faithfully follow the teachings of Haqim. * Mortals are beneath the notice of vampires. Feed from them only when necessary. * Lose no opportunity to sate the Beast wit the vitae of other Kindred. * Withstand the Beast's fury - failing to master oneself results in lessened prowess. * Seek knowledge that may aid the clan in its war on the cursed spawn of Khayyin. * Extend the glory of Haqim's cause to other Kindred. Should they refuse, use them to further your own journey back to Khayyin's grace.

Virtues: Conviction and Self-Control.

Common Abilities: Brawl, Melee, Dodge, Intimidation and Occult.

Preferred Disciplines: Quietus, Obfuscate, Celerity and Thuamaturgy.

Path of Night [Lasombra Only]

Nickname: Nihilists

Ethics: * Leave no being untouched by your taint. * Tempt and horrify those around you; the weak will fall, while the strong will be tempered by your testing of them. * Inspire others to accept their inner darkness. * Experience every sensation imaginable, and then some. * Death is a means, not an end. * Kindred, as souls damned by God, fulfill their purpose by preying upon mortals.

Virtues: Conviction and Instinct.

Common Abilities: Brawl, Intimidation, Melee and Medicine (for physiological knowledge)

Preferred Disciplines: Obtenebration and Potence.

Path of Metamorphosis [Tzimisce Only]

Nickname: Metamorphosists

Ethics: * Learn the characteristics of all stages of life and death. * One should not concern oneself overly with mortals - they are a step below the Kindred, not above them. * Do not share knowledge with others, as it is too valuable to trust to a flawed creature like oneself. * Indulge the Beast and deny; true comprehension of unlife requires a broad range of experience. * One should alter and augment one's body - changing the flesh may pave the way toward changing the soul. * Do not heed the needs or desires of others, as their lack of introspection may distract even the keenst intellect.

Virtues: Conviction and Instinct.

Common Abilities: Occult, Medicine and Science, Philosophy, Theology and Lores.

Preferred Disciplines: Vicissitude, Thaumaturgy and Auspex.

Path of Caine

Nickname: Noddists

Ethics: * Search for the history of Caine. Learn from his actions. * Develop your willpower and predatory instinct. The Beast, like the rest of the vampiric form, may be mastered. * Take the vitae of the unworthy so that you may become closer to Caine. Temper this accrual with an understanding of your own potential so that you do not take the Curse for granted. * Adapt to the needs of your new condition; cast aside your lost humanity. * Study your abilities and the abilities of Caine to discover what belongs within you. Examine the limits and meanings of vampirism.

Virtues: Conviction and Instinct.

Common Abilities: Occult, Lores, Survival, Melee and Athletics, Expression, Subterfuge and Leadership.

Preferred Discipline: Auspex, Presence, Celerity, Fortitude and Potence.

Path of Cathari

Nickname: Albigensians

Ethics: * Indulge in vice. Wealth, sensuality and material power are hallmarks of the physical world. * Lead others to temptation. It is your role to promote the depravity of the world. * Grant the Curse of Caine to those with great passion. Undeath is an evil curse, but those with great conviction can use it well. * The entire material world is corrupt. Expect betrayal and wickedness because almost everybody is corrupt along with it. * Your role as a creature of evil is predestined. Accept it and fulfill your purpose. * Death simply leads to reincarnation. Mortals return after you kill them. However, you should avoid Final Death, since you will return as a mortal if you die.

Virtues: Conviction and Instinct.

Common Abilities: Subterfuge, Streetwise, Finance, Bureaucracy, Occult and Academics.

Preferred Disciplines: Dominate, Presence and Animalism.

Path of Death and the Soul

Nickname: Necronomists

Ethics: * Death is the process by which the soul returns to its unfettered state. Study and understand this transition. * All of material existence is a reflection of the patterns of spirit. Expose the underpinnings of existence by discovering the workings of the spirit. *Do not fear Final Death. The soul is immortal. * Thought and emotion reflect the hidden soul. Analyze consciousness to discover the unique design of each soul. * Everything contains a piece of the puzzle of existence. Learn of all things to assemble all the pieces. * In religion and occultism, find the key truths that are pertinent to all existence.

Virtues: Conviction and Self-Control.

Common Abilities: Occult, Academics, Research and Medicine.

Preferred Disciplines: Auspex, Necromancy, Thaumaturgy and Fortitude.

Path of the Feral Heart

Nickname: Beasts

Ethics: * Survival is your first concern. * Politics or technology simply get in the way of the hunt. * Learn to strike a balance with your Beast. Engage in the brutal actions necessary to survive, but retain your intelligence and cunning. * The "natural world" is an illusion. All things must live according to their forms, and even civilization is natural because it is the form of humanity. * Although fire can kill you, you must master your fear so that you can kill those who would use it against you. * Whether running alone or with a pack, your loyalties must be absolute. You have no time for shifting allegiances.

Virtues: Conviction and Instinct.

Common Abilities: Survival, Brawl, Dodge, Animal Ken, Empathy, Intimidation.

Preferred Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean, Obfuscate and Celerity.

Path of Honorable Accord

Nickname: Knights

Ethics: * Always keep your word and honor your agreements. * Never show cowardice. Overcome your fears. * Duty comes before personal matters. * Treat fairly and equitably with those of station. Conversely, the dishonorable are beneath your contempt. * Always repay your debts. * Support your comrades-at-arms in all things, except where they counsel treachery.

Virtues: Conscience and Self-Control.

Common Abilities: Melee, Brawl, Dodge, Leadership, Expression, Investigation and Law.

Preferred Disciplines: Fortitude, Presence and Potence.

Path of Lilith

Nickname: Bahari, Lilins

Ethics: * Only through pain are we elevated. * Be teacher, torturer and lover to any who seek enlightenment. * Practice what you learn. Wisdom is meaningless unless it accompanies action. * Cultivate a garden, that you may show the power of your own creation. * Seek out those on the border of awareness and initiate them. * Gather with your brothers and sisters to share your learning and anguish.

Virtues: Conviction and Instincts.

Common Abilities: Torture, Occult, Lores, Academics, Research, Science and Linguistics.

Preferred Disciplines: Animalism, Celerity, Fortitude and Obfuscate.

Path of Power and the Inner Voice

Nickname: Unifiers

Ethics: * Do not tolerate failure - including your own. Punish it visibly and harshly. * Be sporadic in your rewards. Drive your followers to excel, but never let them assume that reward follows excellence. * Strive for control by any means. Dominate the world around you and bend it to your will. * Use the most effective tool for any undertaking. Hate, fear and anger are key among these tools, but feign benevolence. * Show respect to those in authority, but replace them when they falter. * Deal from a position of power. Do not show weakness.

Virtues: Conviction and Instinct.

Common Abilities: Leadership, Intimidation, Politics, Subterfuge, Brawl, Melee, Meditation and Empathy.

Preferred Disciplines: Dominate and Presence

Path of the Scorched Heart

Nickname: Unforgiving

Ethics: * Do not feel emotion. All emotion is clouded by the Beast's rage and there fore taints your view. Avoid fear and anger especially, as these are the tools of the Beast, and love, as it can be easily used against you. * Trust only what you perceive. If a house is painted white on one side, you can not assume that is white on the other, as you ca not perceive it. Remember that around Cainites, even your perceptions can be fooled, so double and triple check everything before drawing conclusions. * Never pass up a chance to learn a secret about another Cainite. Even if you never have to use the secret, simply knowing it will help you predict the Cainite's reactions. * Do not kill mortals unnecessarily. Their emotions are untainted by the Beast, and therefore, they have much to live for. If a mortal has degenerated to the point that he behaves as a Beast-ridden Cainite might (serial killers, rapists, gluttons, etc.) kill him without hesitation. * Consider carefully before trusting another Cainite, even to a small degree. Even another of the Unforgiving has her own agenda, and it may conflict with yours. Always be careful to define the nature of a relationship and never presume honesty or loyalty if such was never specifically stated. Likewise, you have no reason to display these characteristics to others unless you state that you will. * Before taking any violent action, ask yourself if it is truly necessary. How would you benefit from another's death? If the answer is simply that it would make you "feel better," you are succumbing to the Beast's urgings, and you must leave the situation immediately.

Virtues: Conviction and Self-Control.

Common Abilities: Alertness, Investigation, Linguistics and Subterfuge.

Preferred Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Animalism and Fortitude.

Path of Self-Focus

Nickname: Internalists

Ethics: * The past and future are illusions; in truth, there is only now. Exist only in the moment. * Know yourself, and understand that the Beast is part of that self. Know when to release the Beast and when to hold it in check. * Learn your strengths and your weaknesses. Do not be like the carpenter who, when faced with a tree too large and twisted to cut down, called it useless. Instead remember that the tree was good for giving shade and shelter. Turn your weaknesses into strengths whenever possible. * Overconfidence is a weakness and a conceit. Those who take pride in themselves are deluded; there is always someone who can humble you. Learn to identify such people, and be willing to learn from them. * Judge others by actions, not by words. Words can have many meanings, but action reveals truth. * Enjoy and learn from others, but remember that you alone are responsible for yourself.

Virtues: Conviction and Instinct.

Common Abilities: Etiquette, Brawl (or Martial Arts), Expression (poetry or painting), Meditation.

Preferred Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Fortitude, Protean, Potence, Presence and Dominate.

Path of Harmony

Nickname: Harmonists

Ethics: * "evil" and "good" are mortal attempts to codify events. They have no practical meaning, and they do not apply to your unlife. * Human beings may be fascinating to watch and even play with - the need to stave off boredom is an important one. However, you are not mortal any longer, so do not be fooled into believing that you are. * The world is constant in a state of change; we are not. Adapt to the world's changes. It is our only means of survival. * Do not sully your haven. This means that the neighborhood in which you reside should be clean and, if necessary, defended against rival predators and decay. * We are the highest form of predator, as we have both human instincts and superhuman hunting skills. Hone both, but let neither overdevelop. * Harmony is achieved by each aspect if existence fulfilling its role. As a Cainite, your role is that of a hunter.

Virtues: Conscience and Instinct.

Common Abilities: Area Knowledge, City Secrets, Streetwise, Survival, Animal Ken and Empathy.

Preferred Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Obfuscate and/or Presence.