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Located on the out-skirts of town, near the Red River Woods lies Osbourne Manor and Estate.

Osbourne Manor was built, owned and occupied by the prestegious Osbourne family since before the end of the 18th century. The wealthy enlightened Osbourne family was ill-fated upon setting foot on the property but remained in residence here for roughly five years before tragedy struck the household at the turn of the century.

The tragedy actually began with the mysterious disappearance of the Osbourne's youngest daughter nearly a year after taking up residency at the Estate. The daughter, "slightly touched in the head" as they say, was never found even though the search case remained opened for the following four years.

The Osbournes grieved for their missing daughter and tried to carry on with their lives as best as possible. Over the next four years, the situation for the family became better: their oldest daughter married - the newlyweds moved into the manor to be with the family - and their son graduated from college. Parties and various social and business get togethers occured at the estate during those years.

The tragedy that struck the entire family came on the eve of the fifth year anniversary of the disappearance of the youngest daughter. The event was not to be discovered for several days; a business associate of Mr. Osbourne's came to call on the family for a social visit. When not a person answered his knock at the door, the business associate saw fit to let himself in. Stepping inside the manor, the man nearly screamed, vomited and then bolted from the premicise at what he came upon. Iron resolve forced the man to do none of what his mind told him he should have done - he remained calm , kept his stomach and searched the house for anyone alive before leaving to fetch the police.

What the man , and later the police, came upon was the ghastly slaying of the entire Osbourne family. The Manor was thick with the smell of decaying flesh and tissue; congeling blood and viscara coated the walls and floors of the main floor and pathed up to the second floor. Each member of the family was found in their respective chambers on the second floor; their heads had been severed and their bodies mutilated beyond belief. Claw and fang marks on the bodies made it evident that the slaying was done by a large wild animal. The smashed in side entrance door supported this theory as well and for the same reasons. But a dagger found outside the Estate's property suggested that a man or woman was also involved: the dagger was caked with dried blood.

The pursuing investigation turned up no traces of suspects, neither human or beast. The case was closed several months later and was unsolved at that time.

The 10 acre property has become overgrown with the passage of the years since the tragedy. The Manor itself appears neglected and ramshackled on the exterior. Both the Manor and the Estate have remained unused and vacant. Local people now shun the Estate, wishing never to step foot on the property for they say it's cursed with bad luck and haunted by the Osbourne family.

The truth behind the events and curent situation of the Osbourne Manor and Estate are far more unfathomable compared to what the townsfolk believe.

The Osbourne's were killed by both animal and man, in a way. The family, that night, came under the attack of a blood-thirsty pack of Sabbat Cainites and were used for an "after-Ritae" meal.

Is the Estate and Manor cursed with bad luck? No! Is it huanted? Yes it is - very!

The Estate and Manor are currently in use and occupied despite the outwardly appearance. The current owner and resident of the property is none other than the missing youngest Osbourne daughter, the wraithly Stacy, and her companion.

The Manor has several floors and includes a rather large Cellar underneath it. Only the Main Floor and the Second Floor are accessable to guests; the Cellar, the Third Floor, and the Attic remain for private use.

A elaborate labrythine system of tunnnels run under the Estate and stretch through the city's underground. The tunnel system is unknown to all but Stacy and her guest. Each passage of the system is dark and dank, lit only ocassionally by either torch or gas-lamp. Some passages wind into vast chambers, while some reach to the Osbourne Family Cemetery and other cemeteries of the city; still others reach dead-ends. The passages are perilous to traverse for most and are easy to lose one's way in; of course Stacy and her guest are the exception to this.

The back three acres of the Estate houses the Osbourne Family cemetery. Mr. Osbourne had his deceased family members transplanted here in the hopes of building a legacy for the family. The cemetery is overgrown and unkept like the rest of the Estate; the large chapel building has collapsed, the ruined facade is all that remains of it.