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Although the dead are usually neither concerned nor impressed wit the mass of the living, tales of the living occasionally filter even to the Underworld. Of course, fame among the Restless takes a different hue than it does among the living: one never knows who will be noted in death and who will fade immediately into obscurity.

Certainly, one way to attrect the attention of the dead is to cause many deaths, although creating great beauty or causing great sorrow are also noteworthy among the Restless. Notoriety can win a wraith instant support in the Shadowlands; Storytellers may allow a wraith to make a Notoriety roll to see whether a complete stranger has heard of him.

As with Memoriam, certain wraiths transcend this scale: Adolf Hitler, for example, no doubt would have a Notoriety of 8 or 9 (and thousands of enemies on arrival...).

A few local wraiths are impressed with you.

You're well known in your Necropolis.

You are recognized by many in the Shadowlands.

You are quite famous; everyone knows something about you.

Like Jim Jones, John Wayne Gacy and David Koresh, you were despised from the first day of your death.