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Nickname: Monitors

Basic Abilities

Locate Fetter: The wraith may "check up" on any of his Fetter, scanning its surroundings. This ability also permits the wraith to sense a Fetter's distance and direction.

System: The player rolls Perception + Lifeweb (difficulty 6). Each success allows him to use one die form his Perception + Alertness pool to survey the Fetter's area. He may also roll Intelligence + Lifeweb to get a general estimate of how far he is from the Fetter and in which direction it is.

Sense Strand

The wraith can scrutinize the patterns of energy surrounding wraiths and Fetters. He may perceive the links between a wraith and her Fetters, sense whether something is in fact a Fetter or not, and if so, identify the wraith attached to it.

System: The player rolls Perception + Lifeweb (difficulty 8) to study another wraith. Each success reveals one clue about a Fetter belonging to the subject. This study must be done firsthand, and with a successful Perception + Subterfuge roll, the subject will realize she is being analyzed. Forewarned subjects may make a Willpower roll to resist Sense Strand.

To scrutinize a possible Fetter, the player rolls Perception + Lifeweb (difficulty 6). To trace a Fetter's connections in either direction, the player rolls Intelligence + Lifeweb (difficulty 6). The number of successes determines how accurately the wraith may gauge direction and distance. A wraith only examine a Fetter once per day.

Sense Strand costs 1 Pathos.

Web Presence

The wraith may use this art to affect a Fetter's immediate area from a distance. She may use Arcanoi, communicate with any wraith there, or make any roll involving Mental or Social Attributes.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Lifeweb (difficulty 8).

This art costs 1 Pathos per turn of use.

Splice Strand

The wraith may create an attachment with a person, place or thing, making it a temporary Fetter. Both the wraith involved and the object must be touched in some manner by the Monitor doing the splicing, at which point the connection is made. The Fetter may be maintained from day to day, but only one temporary Fetter at a time can be maintained with this art.

System: The player rolls Manipulation + Lifeweb (difficulty 7). The new Fetter has a rating of 1. This art can also be used to reattach another wraith to a Fetter that has been Severed, although the difficulty becomes 8.

The affinity costs 1 Pathos to create and 1 Pathos per day of maintenance. The maintenance cost is paid by the wraith attached to the Fetter.

Sever Strand

The wraith exercising this dread art can tear another wraith from his Fetter. She can only accomplish this in the presence of the target Fetter, but can rip it away through raw force of will.

System: Once the wraith has identified and arrived at the target Fetter the player rolls Strength + Lifeweb (difficulty of the Fetter owner's Willpower). The target may resist this roll with Willpower.

A wraith whose Fetter has been thus severed may reattach it by two methods. First, he may simply expend one permanent Willpower while in contact with the former Fetter. Alternately, he may use Splice Strand (or have another wraith use it in him) to reconnect the link. This cannot be done with Fetters severed by Harrowings, or otherwise lost "naturally," but only those which Lifeweb has separated from him. He may spend a Willpower point to make the Splice Strand effect permanent, but only if the object was previously one of his Fetters.

This art costs 2 Pathos and 1 Willpower.

Soul Pact

The wraith who has mastered this art can claim a willing mortal's soul as his own. This is usually done as part of a contract where the mortal promises her soul in exchange for help from "the other side." Thereafter, while the mortal lives, she becomes a Fetter of the wraith.. When the mortal dies, the wraith becomes instantly aware; if the mortal becomes a wraith, she and the Monitor continue their link.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Lifeweb (difficulty of the subject's Willpower). The target then becomes a one-point Fetter. If the subject becomes a wraith after death (and most do), she and the Monitor each receive a one-point Passion to protect one another.

This art costs 5 Pathos and 3 Willpower.