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Nickname: Chanteurs

Basic Abilities

Perfect Pitch: This is the ability to notice when another wraith is actively using Keening.

System: The player must roll Perception + Keening (difficulty 6). Perfect pitch can be resisted with Sotto Voce (below).

Sotto Voce: With Sotto Voce, a wraith may hide her keening arts in normal singing or conversation.

System: The player rolls Manipulation + Keening (difficulty 6). Sotto Voce can be detected by Perfect Pitch; whichever wraith scores more successes on her roll wins.


This art allows a wraith to catalyze a listener's "darker" emotions: despair, anger, fear, loneliness, grief, lust and so on. This art has proven excellent for removing unwanted mortals from a particular locale.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Keening (difficulty 8). The number of successes determines the depth and duration of the feeling. Five successes will affect a mortal with a negative emotion for a week.

Wraiths, however, are not as effected. Dirge is an easy art to learn because it draws on the knowledge and the sensation of death, a sensation familiar to all wraiths. However, that familiarity weakens the impact of this art, and the number of successes on the Dirge roll indicates how many turns a wraith will be affected.

This art costs 1 Pathos, but gives the user 1 temporary Angst.


The wraith may inspire "higher" emotions: serenity, joy, mirth, loyalty, love, inspiration, vigor, faith, and so forth. This art is highly useful for protecting Fetters and swaying other wraiths into alliances.

System: The player rolls Manipulation + Keening (difficulty 8). The number of successes indicates the depth of feeling and its duration. Five success can flood a mortal with cheer for an entire week. Wraiths are less easily cajoled; the number of successes equals the number of turns the emotion lasts.

Ballad costs 1 Pathos.


This art allows the wraith to make a suggestion into the subject's subconscious, inspiring him with an idea he will believe to be his own. This is useful for those who continue to compose music, art or literature after death, but want a medium to bring their works to the living. More commonly, the art is used to manipulate other wraiths.

System: The more successes gained on a Manipulation + Keening roll (difficulty of the target's Willpower), the better the target interprets the suggestion. Three or fewer successes indicates that he gets the general idea, but puts his own spin on it. Four successes mean that he will follow the suggestion as long as it isn't directly harmful; five or more compels him to do as the Chanteur pleases. This art works equally well on wraiths, mortals or other supernatural beings.

Muse costs 2 Pathos and grants the user a point of Angst.


The wraith can scream a musical blast capable of damaging plasma at close range. The sound carries a great distance; wraiths within a mile or two will hear the Crescendo.

System: Roll Stamina + Keening (difficultly 8). The singer inflicts one Corpus Level of damage per success on every wraith within normal hearing distance. The damage is not aggravated, and can be soaked. Crescendo cannot be concealed with Sotto Voce.

Singing a Crescendo while Embodied inflicts all listeners with a terrible, heartstopping fear that inflicts one Health Level of damage per two successes. This damage may also be soaked, but will affect vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures.

This art costs 3 Pathos, as well as granting the user a point of Angst.


This art floods the subject with raw, undiluted emotion. Any feeling the wraith wishes will pour over the target, burying her soul in its tide.

System: The wraith chooses the emotion he wants to project and rolls Strength + Keening (difficulty 7). The subject may resists with a Willpower roll, but only if she is prepared. Each success scored by the Chanteur paralyzes the subject for one turn; she is overwhelmed with emotion and cannot move, act, speak or defend herself. Particularly dark emotions can scar the target's soul. If five or more successes are scored with a dark emotion, the subject may lose dots of Mental Attributes or go insane. Pleasant emotions can affect the subject's harmfully, too. She may become addicted to the powerful feeling, willing to do anything for its rush again.

This art costs 3 Pathos plus 1 Pathos per success. If the projected emotion is "dark," the Shadow gains 1 temporary Angst per success.