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The Sabbat tolerates no treachery. As any army would, the Sabbat protects its secrets with a ruthless code of justice. Final justice rest in the hands of those wronged --- most packs enforce their own punishments --- but truly grievous crimes against the sect are punished by the local bishop or archbishop.

Treason against the sect: Torture and dismemberment, in what ever poetic fashion the "judge" decides (Including being thrown off buildings, being drawn and quartered, having limbs removed, etc.)

Murdering fellow Sabbat: Diablerie at the hands of the murdered vampire's pack (Or a pack of an elder's choice, should the victim have been an elder).

Decieving Sabbat leaders: Burning or flaying.

Revealing a sect secret to one outside the sect: Death by fire or wild hunt.

Failure to respond to leaders call: Branding or mutilation (often, the vampire looses a hand).

Striking a vampire of greater station: Blinding, mutilation (often, the vampire suffers several broken bones).

Association with Camarilla vampires: First offence: Censure. Second offence: Flogging. Third offence: Staking or death.

Failure to accomplish an important mission assigned by leaders: "Spite" punishment, generally of a humiliating nature (Such as cutting off the vampires nose, branding his forehead with an "F", dashing out his teeth, etc.)

Displays of cowardice: Blood Feast for fellow pack members, though the vampire is usually left undead to atone for himself later.