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Nickname: Proctors

Basic Abilities

Ghostly Touch: The wraith can exert a tiny whisper of a touch to the material world, weaker even than Ping (Outrage 1). The character may not even move anything larger than dust - about the most she can do is gently write on a fogged window; and this takes all her concentration.

System: The player rolls Strength + Embody against the local Shroud.

Maintain the Material Form: This is not so much an ability in itself as the capacity to maintain an Embodied form for a longer duration.

System: The player rolls Stamina + Embody (difficulty 7). Each success adds to the number of successes already gained for the Embody power being used

This ability costs 2 Pathos. A failure immediatly disperses the Embodied form.


The wraith may whisper across the Shroud, letter her voice be heard faintly in the Skinlands. This art is not necessary to speak with supernatural beings who can ignore the Shroud, such as sluagh changelings.

System: The player rolls Manipulation +Embody. Each success allows the wraith to relay one short sentence.


The wraith may manifest as a hazy, translucent figure, only vaguely reminiscent of his mortal body. Mortals noticing this intangible form will react with intense fear, and are fully affected by the Fog.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Embody. The wraith manifests for one turn per success. If the character wishes, she may also attempt to frighten onlookers by rolling Manipulation + Embody against the target's Willpower. Horrific Moliation or other creative use of Arcanoi can modify this roll.

Phantom costs 1 Pathos.


This art permits the wraith to take a solid, if immoble, form. The Embodied wraith seems to be an idealized version of himself, but with cold, hard flesh. While useing Statue, the wraith cannot move, speak or even breath. Still, this art can be useful when avoiding Spectre or Wraith pursuers. In a crowded subway, for example, hunters may overlook the "sleeping mortal vagrant" in their haste to find their wraithly prey.

System: Each success on a Stamina + Embody roll indicates how many times the character can be touched, or how many scenes he may remain solid (whichever comes first). The player may be harmed as if he were mortal (see above).

This art costs 2 Pathos.


This art allows the wraith to manifest as her mortal body, more or less. Her appearance reflects her mildly spotty memory of her living self; most wraiths tend to idealize their appearance, becoming more beautiful when Embodied then they were when alive. This form has darker hair and paler skin than before, but otherwise generally won't appear odd. The wraith using Life-in-Death has flesh colder than it should me, and will seem constantly distracted (a side effect of the concentration necessary to maintain this form). Although most onlookers won't notice anything wrong with a wraith using this art, those close to her in life may pick up on the differences.

System: The player rolls Manipulation + Embody; each success allows the wraith to remain solid for one scene. This form can only be used if the character currently holds a humanlike form (those Moliated into objects cannot use Life-in-Death). The player may opt to substitute her character's Manipulation score for her Appearance while Enbodied. The wraith takes damage as mortals do while in this form.

This art costs 2 Pathos.


The wraith can assume an almost fully human form, briefly duplicating his mortal life. While Materialized, he breathes, bleeds, sweats, and enjoys his former warmth. The wraith can do anything he could do while he was alive. The only restriction is time - this form's cost in Pathos and concentration is staggering. The sensation of this form is almost overpowering, especially to wraiths who have been dead a long time.

System: The player must roll Manipulation + Embody. Each success allows the character to be solid for as long as it takes to draw one breath. If the character is attuned to the person viewing him, he may manifest for one hour per success. While Materialized, the wraith suffers any damages as if he were still mortal.

Each use of this art costs 3 Pathos and 1 Willpower.