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When a wraith forms a Corpus in the Underworld, all physical characteristics are left behind with the earthly body. However, a wraith's Corpus can possess its own strengths and weaknesses, as illustrated by these Merits and Flaws.

Full of Life: (1-4 point Merit)

You were always vibrant, energetic (perhaps annoyingly perky?), and full of life when you were alive. This serves you well in death, as your maximum Corpus is higher than that of most wraiths. For each point that you invest in this Merit, you may have one more Corpus Level than usual. The only drawback to this Merit is that when you are above 10 Corpus Levels, you will seem somewhat more real and almost alive to other wraiths. This may keep you from hiding in a crowd, and may spoil any attempt at cloaking or disguising your identity.

Malleable: (2 point Merit)

Your Corpus is easily manipulated, giving you a -2 difficulty on any of the arts of Moliate. Unfortunately, this also means that difficulties to use the art Rend on you are likewise reduced.

Disembodied: (6 point Merit)

You have completely forsaken the idea of a physical body and exist in the Shadowlands as a drifting voice. You can use Arcanos, but may not manipulate physical objects in any way. Simply cross out your Physical attributes. You may be harmed, however, by Arcanos that affect your Corpus, and by certain artifacts. Obviously, you may never have possessions of any type unless you can convince someone to carry them for you.

The main drawback of being disembodied is that you may not affect the Skinlands in any physical way. You can not use Embody, Inhabit, Moliate, Outrage, or Pandemonium Arcanos.

Botched Moliation: (1-3 point Flaw)

Something went wrong when you tried to Moliate once. Maybe you were just learning and goofed badly, or someone really flubbed it when they did it to you. Either way, you now have a daily reminder of the flub-up, and it has resisted attempts to fix it permanently.

Distinctive Appearance: (1 point Flaw)

You have something unforgettable about your appearance, like a strange hairstyle, a tattoo in a prominent place, or bi-colored eyes. People who see it will remember it and thus, you. You can cover it with Moliate, but Moliate costs Corpus, and who has that much to burn? If you're trying to hide or stay unnoticed, this can be a royal pain.

Limited Lifesight: (2 point Flaw)

Your difficulty to use Lifesight is increased by two, due to your inability to perceive life patterns in things.

Limited Deathsight: (2 point Flaw)

Your difficulty to use Deathsight is increased by two, due to your inability to perceive the subtle trail decay leaves behind.

Rotting: (2 point Flaw)

You have always thought of the dead as rotting, festering things that resemble your worst nightmare, and this twisted self-concept has marked your Corpus in the Underworld. Parts of your body are rotted away and the muscle and tissue show through the rents in your flesh. Social interaction rolls are increased by a difficulty of 1. If you are ever able to make your form visible to mortals by using Embody, you will frighten mortals much easier. Mortals affected by the Fog react as if they had two fewer Willpower than they actually possess.

Fragile Corpus: (3 point Flaw)

Your Corpus clings together tenuously. If you wish to pass through a solid object, you will lose two Corpus Levels instead of the normal one. Similarly, if you lose more than four Corpus Levels in a single blow, you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) or be dragged into a Harrowing.