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Even as a wraith, you know people from many walks of life (or death); together, these disparate persons form a network of information and help that may prove useful.

The player must decide where his Contacts lie: in the living world or in the Shadowlands. This determines whether his Contacts score applies to wraiths or to the Quick. Players who want Contacts in both the living world and the Shadowlands should purchase this Background twice.

Major Contacts are not only beings you can manipulate or bribe to get information, bur friends whom you trust implicitly to provide you with accurate information (in their areas of expertise). You should describe your Major Contacts as complete characters, either as the chronicle progresses or beforehand.

You also have a number of Minor Contacts spread through the area. When you wish to get in touch with a Minor Contact, make a roll using your Contacts rating (difficulty 7). Each success means you have successfully loacted one of your Minor Contacts; of course, you may need to bribe or even intimidate him into giving you what is needed.

One Major Contact.

Two Major Contacts.

Three Major Contacts.

Four Major Contacts.

Five Major Contacts.