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 NAME: Baby Boo

NATURE: Jesture 


 PLAYER: Sabbat Admin

 DEMEANOR: Monster

 SIRE: Charon Darkenknight

 CHRONICLE: Summerian Dreams

 CLAN: Tzimisce

CONCEPT: Warrior Scholar






 Strength: 4 [Powerful Arms]

Charisma: 2

 Perception: 5 [Hawk Eyed]

 Dexterity: 3

 Manipulation: 3

 Intelligence: 4 [Analytical]

 Stamina: 3

 Appearance: 0

 Wits: 4 [Changes in Strategy]





 Alertness: 3

 Body Craft: 4 [Vicissitude arts]

 Academics: 1

 Athletics: 1

 Demolitions: 4

 Bastet Lore: 2

 Brawl: 4 [Claws]

 Firearms: 2

Caine Lore: 3

Dodge: 4 [Sidestep]

 Gunsmithing: 4

 Camarilla Lore: 2

 Empathy: 3

 Melee: 4 [Body Armory blades]

 Lilith Lore: 4

Intimidation: 4 [Physical Coercion]

 Security: 3

 Linguistics: 4

Leadership: 2

 Stealth: 3

 Malkavian Lore: 2

Streetwise: 2

 Survival: 2

 Medicine: 1

Subterfuge: 1

 Tracking: 2

Occult: 4 [Kindred Lore]


Sabbat Lore: 3

Science: 5 [Chemistry & Biology]

Tzimisce Lore: 4


 Primary - English
Additional - Latin, French, German, Rom, Spanish, Italian, Sign Language, Russian





 Generation: 5

 Auspex: 4

 Conviction: 3

 Resources: 10

 Vicissitude: 6 [Chiropteran Marauder & Ecstatic Agony]

 Instinct: 3

 Rituals: 4

 Protean: 3

 Courage: 5

 Retainers: 5 [3 Hellhounds, 2 Szlachta]

 Celerity: 2

 Contacts: 2 [Black Market]

 Fortitude: 2

 Occult Library: 5

 Potence: 2

 Sabbat Status: 4 [Archbishop]


 Body Armory [Protean 3 And Vicissitude 3]




 The Binding

 Acceptance Ritus

 The Blood Bath

 Allegiance Ritus

 The Blood Feast

 Contrition Ritus

 Creation Rites

 Truth Revealed

 Fire Dance

Martial Ritus 


 Tests of Pain

 Sermons of Caine

 Stealth Ritus

 The Vaulderie

 Welcoming Ritus

 The Wild Hunt

 Ritus of Thanksgiving

 Festivo Dello Estinto

 Sun Dance

 Games of Instinct

Spilling the Blood 

 Palla Grande

 The Asp's Blessing

 The War Party




 BlOOD POOL: 15 [3 Blood Points Per Turn]



Naturally Supple [3 Pt]

 Short [2 pt]

 Pain Tolerance [2 Pt]

 Monstrous [3 pt]

 Corporate CEO: Security Arms Inc [5 pt]


 Holdings [5 pt]

 Former Ghoul: Szlachta [1 pt]



 Schizophrenic: From the diab of Charon, he talks to himself in response to the voices.

 Obsessed: Bats; Due to going one level over Generation Max in Vicissitude.

 Sadist/Masochist: Due to going one level over Generation Max in Vicissitude.


Books of note in the Occult Library: Complete and detailed texts on main paths of Necromancy and Necromantic Rituals; Book of Nod dating back to the Dark Ages; Book of Nod dating back to the Victorian Age; Complete Lilith fragments; Manuscripts hand-written by Charon on Bastet Lore and Malkavian Lore; 3 book manuscript hand-written by Charon detailing Charon's life; Several hand-written manuscripts detailing Sabbat Thaumaturgy Paths and Thaumaturgy Rituals and well several other "Tremere" Paths and Rituals; 3 Kuldun Fetishes; 7 Kuldunic books with full set of notes explaining exactly why and how Kuldun works; 5 Leather bound ancient books of Asia's history all historicaly based from before Christ's death.

 Holdings includes 2 Victorian Era houses, 2 Victorian Era aparment buildings, 5 victorian style homes fully furnished and 1 warehouse full of antiques.

Ornamental band of Speed

Typically a band of solid gold worn on the upper arm or the ankle, these little creations draw upon the Tzimisce pacts with the spirits of the wind, which grants the Tzimisce heightened mobility matched only by vampires in possession of Celerity.

The wearer expends a Blood Point [anointing the band with it] and a Willpower point. Activation of the fetish grants extra actions for the Tzimisce to use during that turn, unlike Celerity which starts the following turn. The extra actions dissipate away over time, one action vanishing each turn until the magic of the amulet must be re-activated. The wearer is granted 9 extra actions for the first turn, 8 for the second turn, 7 for the third turn, etc.
[Note: These extra actions are accumulative with Celerity.] 

 Lady Shalbizan's Soul Stone

A ruby with a grayish white swirling effect in its center, a trapped vampiric soul, hanging from a silver chain.

Only the owner or one he/she free gives it to may use it safely, other suffer one Health Level of aggravated damage for every turn the person continues to touch it. Activation is achieved with a successful Willpower roll [Difficulty 9]. Once activated, the user comes into telepathic communication with the trapped soul. This connection grants the user access to the vampiric soul's Knowledges, Disciplines and other knowledge related information [IE. Rituals] which are then usable by the user as if they were his/her own.

KNOWLEDGES - Occult: 5 [Wraith Lore], Harbinger of Skulls Lore: 5, Thanatology: 5, Toxicology: 5, Medicine: 5

DISCIPLINES - Necromancy [Sepulchre Path]: 5, Necromancy [Bone Path]: 5, Necromancy [Ash Path]: 5, Necromancy [Mortuus Path]: 3

NECROMANTIC RITUALS - Level One: Circle of Cerberus, Eldritch Beacon, Call of the Hungry Dead, Rape of Persephone; Level Two: Eyes of the Grave; Level Three: Din of the Damned, Ritual of The Unearthed Fetter; Level Four: Peek Past the Shroud, Cadaver's Touch, Baleful Doll