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Everything that is ever lost eventually ends up somewhere in the Underworld. The Hierarchy sends scouts throughout the Underworld looking for long-lost artifacts of yore; many of them return with fascinating treasures. Additionally, the Grand High Artificer and his elite band of artisans have discovered means of imbuing powers into the very material of the Underworld.

The most common form of Artifact is one that magnifies an Arcanos of one or more kinds. A few Artifacts are magical simply in the sense that they actually operate like they did in life without using Pathos to fuel them: a remote control that changes a TV channel, a garage door opener that opens garage doors, a hand-gun that shoots bullets without needing to be reloaded.

One level of Artifact.

Two levels of Artifacts.

Three levles of Artifacts.

Four levles of Atifacts.

Five levles of Artifacts.