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 NAME: Amante Oscura

NATURE: Jesture 


 PLAYER: Sabbat Admin

 DEMEANOR: Survivor



 CLAN: Lasombra Antitribu

CONCEPT: Warrior Scholar

 DESCRIPTION: Amante Oscura





 Strength: 4 [Powerful Arms]

Charisma: 3

 Perception: 5 [Hawk Eyed]

Dexterity: 4 [Lightning Reflexes]

 Manipulation: 4 [Persuasive]

 Intelligence: 4 [Analytical]

 Stamina: 4 [Tough as Nails]

 Appearance: 3

 Wits: 4 [Changes in Strategy]





 Alertness: 4 [Ambushes]

Blind Fighting: 3

 Academics: 4

 Athletics: 2

 Etiquette: 3

 Caine Lore: 3

 Brawl: 4 [Street Fighting]

 Fast Draw: 3

Camarilla Lore: 5 [History & Leaders]

Diplomacy: 3

 Firearms: 3

 Computer: 2

 Dodge: 4 [Sidestep]

 Lip Reading: 4

 Enigmas: 4 [Cryptography]

Empathy: 4 [Emotions]

 Meditation: 4

 Kindred Lore: 5

Intimidation: 4 [Physical Coercion]

 Melee: 4 [Blades]

 Lasombra Lore: 5

Intuition: 2

 Security: 3

 Linguistics: 4

Leadership: 4 [Noble]

 Stealth: 4 [Silent Movement]

Medicine: 1

 Streetwise: 2

Survival: 4

Occult: 5 [Abyss Lore]

Subterfuge: 4 [Impeccable Lies]

Politics: 4 [Camarilla]

Theology: 4 [Angels/Demons]


 Primary - English
Additional - Latin, French, German, Rom, Spanish, Italian, Sign Language, Russian





 Elder Generation: 2

 Auspex: 4

 Conviction: 4

 Resources: 5

 Obtenebration: 6 [The Darkness Within & Shadowstep]

 Self-Control: 4

 Age: 1

 Dominate: 3

 Courage: 5

 Retainers: 5 [Abyss Creatures]

 Celerity: 3

 Contacts: 4 [2 Black Market 2 Occult]

 Fortitude: 3

 Occult Library: 5

 Potence: 3


 Dark Steel [Obtenebration: 3 & Potence: 3]

 Shadowed Eyes [Obtenebration: 3 & Auspex: 3]

 Shroud of Absence [Obtenebration: 3 & Dominate: 3]



 BlOOD POOL: 15 [3 Blood Points Per Turn]



Strength of Shadows [4 Pt]

 Cloaked in Shadows [4 pt]

 Former Ghoul [1 pt]

 Death's Reflection [3 pt

 Eidetic Memory [2 pt]



 Power Object Fixation: Onyx Skull Rosary

 Obsessed: Abyss Knowledge


Dark Steel [Obtenebration 3 Potence 3]

SYSTEM: Using Dark Steel requires a Manipulation + Occult roll (difficulty 7) and the expenditure of 2 Blood Points. Each success summons forth one tentacle, which then appears from a nearby shadow. The tentacles are all eight feet long and have Strength and Dexterity ratings equivalent to twice the vampire's Obtenebration rating. Furthermore, the vampire can expend a Blood Point, "feeding" it to the tentacles; for each point thus spent, the tentacle's ratings increase by one. A Dark Steel tentacle does Strength + 2 Lethal Damage, has six Health Levels, and takes damage from fire and sunlight in addition to normal attacks.

 Shadowed Eyes [Obtenebration 3 Auspex 3]

SYSTEM: The player rolls Dexterity + Occult (difficulty 7). If he succeeds, he summons the darkness successfully and blinds his target. The numberof successes determines the duration of the shadows.

1 Success: One Turn
2 Successes: One Minute
3 Successes: Five Minutes
4 Successes: 30 Minutes
5 Successes: One Hour

Additional successes produce longer effects. The enveloping shadow cannot be removed by anything short of plucking out the eyes thus covered - a some-what drastic remedy.

Certain Lasombra have been able to create a purely cosmetic variation of this power, covering their own eyes with shadows while still maintaining the ability to see clearly. Using this power has the same difficulty as a regular use of Shadow Eyes but can impose terror on any beholding it (Willpower roll, Difficulty 5 to avoid fleeing in fear).

Shroud of Absence [Obtenebration 3 Dominate 3]

SYSTEM: The player spends a blood point and rolls Manipulation + Occult (difficulty 7). Success creates a blind spot about ten feet across, located anywhere within the line of sight of its creator and capable of moving at up to the vampire's walking speed. Anyone wishing to peer inside must earn more successes on a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) than the creator achieved on the Shroud of Absence roll. Otherwise, he just doesn't think to consider it. Note that this power is wholly supernatural in origin, and most mortals will not
have had the experience with the occult to even
consider that they can try to see what is so malevolently forcing their attention away.