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Wearing a long seductively eloquent black silk dress that is of High Goth fashion and is form fitting, Amante is beautiful to behold; her build is tall and athetically fit, her height and weight being 5.5 and 115 respectively. Her youthful appearance is etched with smooth alabaster skin that is accented by full lips picked out with black lipstick, dark blue eyes, black polished nails and waist length flowing natural black hair. Around her neck she wears a silver pendent of the Lasombra heraldry suspended by a long silver chain; a rosary of onyx beads etched into skulls is wrapped around her left wrist. The darkness of the Abyss envelopes her like a cloak of shadows in constant motion. Unlike others of her clan, Amante does cast a reflection in mirrors and other reflective surfaces, but her reflection shows her in the state she'd be in if she were dead: an ambling skeleton. [Flaws: Cloaked in Shadows & Death's Reflection]