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Allies are wraiths who aid you but are not members of your Circle. Allies are generally friendly with you, although some may only be your Allies because they owe you favors. Having an Ally (as opposed to having a Contact) means that you can call upon that wraith for aid; you should, however, be aware that your Ally will sometimes ask for your help as well. One does not boss one's Allies around: they are equals and friends, and must be treated as such.

As the chronicle progresses, Allies who began as weak characters may die or increase in power. You should take the time to describe your Allies carefully: they can be the source of many story ideas.

A single Ally of moderate power.

Two Allies, both of them of moderate power.

Three Allies, one of them quite influential.

Four Allies, one of them very influential.

Five Allies, one of them extremely influential.