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The Ahrimanes originated with the Sabbat Gangrel. Upon arriving on this continent, Gangrel of both the Camarilla and Sabbat went into the southern wilderness, encountering a number of native tribes. Many of these Gangrel set up their havens near villages of these people. They preyed upon the villagers and defended them from white man's intrusion.

The founder of this bloodline was a Gangrel antitribu named Muricia. She studied the powers of the local shamans and used their magick to break her Vinculum with her sire, not wanting to get caught up in the constant warfare between two rival leaders of the Sabbat Gangrel. Most Sabbat Gangrel were busy killing each other off in feuds between the city and country factions.

When Muricia utilized the thaumaturgic powers of the native shamans, she effectively separated herself from her clan and her blood forever altered. The magic rituals she used on her body affected and mutated her own vampiric appearance. She soon combined the spiritual magick of the shaman with her own Gangrel powers, giving her an unusual edge
over most of her type.

Muricia tried to create others like herself, but soon discovered she could not, for her vitæ was infertile. She learned she could choose existing Gangrels and, using the same ritual the shamans used on her, make them like her. Because of this, all Ahrimanes are Gangrels before they become Ahrimanes. In addition, Muricia allowed only females to join her brood, believing men to be inferior and the reason for most conflict. This tradition remains in effect to this day.

The Ahrimanes are more of an artificial bloodline. All Ahrimanes must renounce their former clan before they are accepted into the bloodline.

The Ahrimanes number only a handful, existing primarily in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and some surrounding areas. They are extremely secretive and violent, enjoying material wealth and controlling many human pawns. They form packs of their own despite the opposition of the Lasombra. The Sabbat accepts their ways, because the sect values freedom. Besides, the Ahrimanes aid the Sabbat tremendously by watching the Lupine threat

Nickname: (Something) Cat - Alleycat, Fatcat, Hellcat, etc.

Appearance: There are no male Ahrimanes. Most dress in practical styles, wearing leather and other durable materials. Many have long hair, and most are of Spanish or Mexican ancestry, though this is changing. They have slightly darker skin than most Kindred, allowing them to better pass as human. They are invariably armed, carrying both melee weapons and firearms.

Haven: Ahrimanes dwell in large mansions on the outer fringes of populated areas. They all maintain underground lairs, impenetrable to all but the most powerful enemies. There are no nomadic Ahrimanes. All stay involved in mortal affairs, and travel a good bit, but only within their territory.

Background: The criteria are that they be female, are capable fighters and true survivors. Despite these traits, there are only two or three Ahrimanes in the Black Hand. Each Ahrimane receives a mentor who becomes responsible for training her in the ways of the newly adopted bloodline.

Character Creation: All Ahrimanes, without exception, are female. Most have Professional or Working Jane Concepts. Their Nature is usually Survivor or oriented towards survival or power. Their Demeanors may be anything, but most are Survivors or Loners. Common Background Traits include Contacts, Resources and Retainers. All Ahrimanes have at least three Background points in Mentor.

Weaknesses: Because of the nature of their existence, Ahrimanes cannot create offspring and cannot use their blood to bond others. They can still be bound to others. If Merits and Flaws are used in the Chronicle, they can still take the flaw "Thin Blooded" but it is only a one-point Flaw.

Disciplines: Animalism, Presence, Spiritus

Quote: "Little man, you have crossed into my territory. For you, I am the very meaning of death."


The Sabbat - We may come from it, but we have found our own way within its walls. Always show obedience, but never show your throat.

We have been too lax with these Fraidycats. Now we have no way of knowing what has really been going on in their lairs. - Hymie, Nomad Priest

The Camarilla - These little pawns want their hands in everything. The only thing good about them is their blood, and it should be freed from their bodies at every opportunity.

I have heard rumors of a special breed of Sabbat super warriors being created in the Appalachian hills. I hope to discover the truth of this matter for myself. - Tatiana, Gangrel Archon not seen since giving this speech