Lurve!!! Frenadosa is the best gelert to ever walk this planet. She is beautiful ,intelligent,and ready for anything. I met her in the FC chat during January. I was desperatly needing a mate and she came into the board. We began talking when we decided it would be nice to go and get something to eat.
After a wonderful lunch i suggested going to the park! We talked some more and she told me about her spyder, Fred. That is when i decided to show her lil scarfy my abomnible snowman. She shrieked and turned away. After learning she was horribly allergic to them i put him away.
It began to rain so we took shelter under a tree ,an oak tree none the less! It was so perfect. We leaned toward each other and shared our first kiss.
After about a month or two we decided it would be niice to travel to Mystery Island! After that we didnt talk..I got worried so i neomailed her. When she suggested going to the park, how could i say no.
We happily played tag thatw as until she fell and hurt her ankle badly. While carring her to the hospital she blacked out. We got there and i noticed her waking up..this would be the perfect opportunity. Right there in the hospital i propsed to her. I never saw her so happy.
Important dates

  • Got together- January the 21,2003 (rough estimate)
  • First vacation-March 13,2003 (rough estimate)
  • Proposed-April 1,2003
  • Wedding-TBA
  • Honeymoon-TBA

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