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Here we are the happy couple waiting for our first new arrival this site will update as we can we are not sure what sex the baby is yet as long as it is healthy thats all that matters.

December 16, 2003

Well everyone, today was our first real view of our baby thats right the very first ultrasound and being in newfoundland as we all know very well the weather can be very unpredictable but as it goes "nor sleat, nor hail, nor dark of night will keep us from our route" we made it to the appointment on time thanks to the much appreciated help of Melissa's family who by the way has been very supportive. However despite the weather the day was very good and we got some very nice first time pics to show here are all three of the ultrasound pics.

This picture shows the baby front on with one hand raised

This picture shows a very clear side view of the baby

This picture shows a very clear Top view of the baby

Well this is all the updates for now will update as soon as i can

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