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Lair of the demonic mistress

My Archive of my original fanfiction
Really good fics written by other people.

Things I like

My name is DemonicMistress Kree kun. but some people call me Pawz kun for short . I'm 13 and a girl who loves sex I live in Brooklyn new york! *I'ma Ghetto Girl, Holla back yougin'* my favorite colors are Black, Red, white, blue, purple, my favorite songs are One more time, breaking the habbit, Vertigo and The remedy. Other than those basics about me... Well I love anime no doubt and i really am a phyco. I'm suicidal homicidal and a very very violent person all in all i'm really not that bad. juz ta lety you knopow I am the webmistress of this site anf here you will find several lemons (hentai stories)of different verities! me and the gurls wish you the best and hope you review by sending us emails that we will post on a special page of this site. soon we will lso have a challenge room where you email the challenges and we will do our best to write a fic about that topic! As web mistress I officaly welcome you to the demon's lair meet the inhabitants of my domain- -Authors- Demonic Mistress Kree-Kun * Mistress Mewa * Virgo Gurl * -Muses- * * * Deemy-Chan * * * Candii-Chan