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Emporor Penguin and Chick

Penguins as you may know are classified as birds. whats odd about these birds is that instead of wings for flight, they have flippers fir swimming. Their colors of the basic black and white are used to camofouge the birds in the snow. This hides them from all sorts of predators. They have many enemies in the arctic. Polar bears, orcas, seals, and sea lions are some of there most common foes.

Penguins live in emormous collinies of somtimes over 1,000 called rooks. These rooks consist of chicks in the middle and one parent on the outside protecting the babies. The other parent is out fishing. The perents take turns fishing and taking care of the babies back in the rook.

Penguins feed on a number of different creatures. They find food in krill and a variety of fish. They hunt in large groups all of the same gender. While the mothers feed and hunt the fathers stay and take care of the chicks. This sometimes takes an extremely long time. Up to a couple of months. When the mother gets back the starving father immediatly goes out to hunt for himself. Penguins have a stereotype of being a cold weather bird. This is true that most of them live in colder climates but there are a few species that live in very warm climates. The blue fairy penguins live in the bush of Australia. They will find a water source and make a nest there.

this is a spesies simalar to the Blue fairy