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Welcome to the one and only...

Need a villain? You've come to the right place! On this site you will be able to fill in that 'blank' in your story that needs filling - and I am just the right, crazy person to do it!

If you need a villain, click on the Order Form button - that will bring up an order form for your villain... that I will build... for you... whoever you are.

And if you feel the need to know more about me before you let me build you a villain, click on the About the Owner button - that will give you all sorts of looks into my twisted mind and who I really am.

Want to see my work before you decide to enlist my services? Click on the Stories and Fics button - there you can link to the stories that I have created villains for. It'll give you a chance to see what I can do!


NOTE: All e-mail addresses remain the property of Jaclyn Blackrose and are not given out for any reason, no matter how much money they give her.

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