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LOTR & Starwars

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Its lord of the rings!!! I think....
Erm.... Starwars anyone?
Naz is a Spaz (M8)
Yay, Morrowind

hi i'm joe, for any one who does not know me i am a freak about lord of the rings and starwars. i am such a freak that since lord of the rings was made i have been collecting it's merchandise. i have been on google and found out my jedi and sith name, my jedi name is jobo fibias and my sith name is darth filan. my favourite character from lord of the rings is gollum this is because i think he is really funny when he has a split personality and i can do a really good impression of him. my favourite character from star wars is easily yoda. because he is really small and even though he walks with a walking stick he can still flip and do all that acrobatics crap. and darth vader cause he is just evil. i think the best film from the lord of the rings triology is the two towers and the best films from star wars are revenge of the sith, empire strikes bac k and return of the jedi.