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~Jessie's Page~

~My Stats~
Age: 17
Height: 5'
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

~All About Me~
I am a junior in high school in the town that I have lived in my whole life...translation= pretty fucking boring. I am a loyal friend, but if I am crossed I can be the worst person u've ever known. Love my friends with all my heart they mean everything to me....well almost as much as my 2 little brothers.

I love to read horror stories especially by Stephen King. I like to write poetry and stuff. Watching movies with my friends and going on road trips. Going to parties and having fun. Driving my best friend Chelley's car through town when she is brave enough to let me. Trying new things....getting piercings and when i am 18 some tattoos as well.


~My Diary~
~Fantasy Artwork~
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